Re-Decorating Your Home for Quick Sale

Basic rule for selling anything quickly is that the particular item must be in a condition that attracts the eyes. Its outlook must look good so that more buyers can get attracted.  Same rule will be applied if you want to sale your house.

Basically you will have to re-decorate your home for quick sale. Re-decorating your home will make its appearance better and it will be sold out quickly.

Importance of Re-Decorating

Importance of Re-Decorating

Re-decorating your home totally depends on you, whether your financial conditions allow you to re-decorate it or not. Let’s say that you are not having enough money to re-decorate your home then only one option you will have to lower the price of your home.

There are two basic things which you need to re-decorate your home:

  1. Time
  2. Money

If you want to get better price of your home then you will have to spend time on re-decorating it. And for quick sale you will have to spend money on its renovation.

For quick sale of your home you will have to think like a buyer. Let’s say you are going to buy a home then first thing you will see that house should have to be in better condition and a nice place to live in. Same is the thing with the buyers who will come to buy your home.

Home Re-Decoration Basics for Quick Sale

If you have low budget, then it is good to focus on outlook, main entrance and some of the interiors because these make the first impression and create big difference. If you can afford, then follow these basics to improve your home.

1. Exterior

It is said that “first impression is the last impression” and your home’s exterior makes first impression. The grass, trees and plants in the lawn must be properly trimmed. Wash the window panes, and try to add flower boxes. It will give brighter look. If you cannot afford painting the exterior of your home then give power wash to it.

It gives almost freshly painted look and it is big saver both in time in money.

2. Cleaning

Clean all the rooms, kitchen and bath rooms. If you can afford then buy new appliances but if you not then make the older ones clean like new. In bathe rooms, check for drainage and make sure that each corner sparkles.

3. Flooring

Dirty and stained carpets make bad impression. Using hardwood floors has many advantages although costly. Their maintenance cost is low and they add value and elegance to a home. Use ceramic tiles, high-quality vinyl tiles or stone in kitchens and bathrooms. If you cannot afford it then you can skip bathrooms as their floor area is less upgrade by a buyer too.

4. Walls and Ceilings

Walls and Ceilings

Inspection for the soundness of the foundations must be done. Cracks in the walls or ceiling are alarming for the buyers as they show foundation problems. It would be better to fix any such problem. If there is no matter to worry then repair all the cracks in the ceiling and walls so that buyers may not scare off.

5. Wallpaper/Paint

It is not necessary that a buyer likes your wallpaper. So tear down all the wallpapers and paint the walls. Do not be lazy in tearing the wall paper and painting the walls with the paper on it. It looks untidy and buyer will think that he will have to do all the work of removing these. Think of using warm and neutral colors other than conventional white or off white. Decorate your home by using colors as it gives homey image and appeal the masses.

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