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Nowadays, home financing has become the latest trend in the financial markets. Every individual is looking for affordable home mortgages and the financials institutions like bank and others offer them wide variety of options that best choose their needs and comfort. However, there are also some pitfalls when going for home mortgages. It is always possible that a lender should be trustworthy. Sometimes, they trap the customers just to make the quick buck and make the customers the victim of mounting debts and never ending installments.

It is advisable to deal with the lender whom you have goodwill. A person knowing you can better understand your situation, your needs and your affordability. So he will guide you in a better and ethical way.

What things need to be considered when applying for home mortgages?

What things need to be considered when applying for home mortgages

There are many things to be considered when applying for the home financing. First, it is advisable for the borrower to search by himself the different range of lending options offered by different lenders. Having list of so many alternatives, he can easily evaluate each of these individually which will help him get the best deal of home mortgage.

A borrower should take into consideration the following things:

  • The terms and conditions regarding the down payment and maturity of the loan.
  • Interest rates (Simple/Compound/Annually/Semi-annually)
  • Lender service fees and other lending costs.
  • Monthly payments.
  • No. of payments in a year.
  • The total sum of principal amount and interest amount at the maturity of the loan.

The terms having very low payments in the start and then have double payments for the future have no prepayment penalty. Care should be taken that all options are not for home buyers. Some of them seem good on ads and broachers but latter makes the person switch to other lender for refinancing which costs him double. There are good options available for the home borrowers in the market which offer them affordable interest payments and monthly payments.

Purpose of House Mortgages

The specific and traditional purpose for these lending programs is to help build the homes of those needy that have poor credit and insufficient amount of resources at the affordable rates. However, that does not mean that individuals with good credit and ability for down payments do not sign in for these loans.

These options are especially designed for poor, it is would be hard to find the lenders agree for double payments and large amount of cash down.

Sources of Home Mortgages

Sources of home mortgages are conventional lenders and banks, but it could be also those people help people through specialize channels who are in need, which offers much cheaper and affordable rates than the conventional lenders or sometimes with no interest and down payments.

This however, does not mean that one should not seek the finance from the conventional lenders. Rather, if lender offers something better in the rates and terms than one should go for it. Nonetheless, it is found that lenders that although offer home mortgages at the cheaper rates will later adjust their fees for approval and process of the loan. It is advisable to remain cautious at every single step.



It is found that nowadays people go for home mortgages not as rationally but emotionally, which will end make them victims for the debts. Sometimes, they take afresh to settle down the old. Therefore, it is advisable to remain cautious while accepting any offer. In consideration of every option the following questions must be rationally asked.

  1. How much there is interest and either it is simple, compound or annuity?
  2. How much is total principal and interest payments?
  3. Is there anywhere in the loaning period the double payments for the loan?
  4. What is the date of maturity?
  5. What are the penalties for the loan?

And the like. Before going for any decision, these questions must be answered rationally as they are very important. It is advisable to consult with the good friend or financial advisor before the decision and one should be understand all the terms and conditions for the home mortgage, as the latter he will be more confident and rational in making the best choice.

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