Make Your Perfect Choice for a Student Credit Card

You are offered many financial credits before you earn any college credits. You should have credit with you when you’re away from home, for basic expenses. It is also needed when you are traveling from home to campus, how much credit you want depends on how long journey you have to travel.

student credit card

Of course, credit also helps you to replace the awful look of your room to something modern that could resemble your personal style. The first step towards having required credit is to complete a credit card application.

You will find that around you there are several banks and credit card companies that are willing to give you credit card. Some of them offer food like pizza offer, few companies gives away magazine subscriptions, and others give you stylish tee shirts if you accept to have a credit card from there company or bank.

But none of those freebies should be the reason due to which you choose a credit card. Almost every college student is fond of such freebies, but as this decision of choosing a credit card has a deep, long-term impact on your life and your financial status, so this decision should be taken very seriously and it should never ever be based on such cheap offers.

Don’t try to hurriedly complete the credit card applications that are first given to you by some company or bank. You must get not less than three applications and compare them by every aspect such as deals offered by them, interest rates etc. Means that you have to compare each feature of that card, the better thing is that you go online and search for different credit cards, and then compare their rates, benefits and all other features offered.

All the companies must be willing to give you credit, perhaps having the same initial amount of credit. So a question arise that what are those features that matter most to you? First of all, it is needed that you know what the credit card will cost you or ask mom and dad if they are convinced to pay the bill.

The cost is divided into two parts one is the annual fee and the other is the interest rate that you have to pay on your balance. The best choice of yours will be a credit card with no annual fee.  When you take time to shop for a good deal a no fee card will turn up.

Mostly the range of interest rates is from 12% to 18% on your balance. APR is the abbreviation of “annual percentage rates.”  There are few more features that can attract you towards a specific credit card company.

You may be able to get an affinity card; it is a kind of credit card with your college or university logo. Other groups also have affinity cards; these are for political, environmental or social purposes.

Points are offered by some credit cards, these points can be used for travel or gift rewards. These points can also be earned by you if you pay your minimum balance on the due date and by keeping within your credit limit.

If you frequently visit shops stores, restaurants or travel sites for shopping purpose than they may offer points, having these points you can get more money with this type of credit card. Cash back is offered some other cards company which is based on eligible items purchased from grocery stores, drugstores, convenience stores or discount stores.

No matter if you eat the snacks and listen to the presentation delivered by the on-campus credit card company.  You should keep in your mind that some of these companies hire those students who only know a few sales lines and to make an informed decision they don’t really have all the answers that you need to.

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