The Best Cash Back Credit Card Deals for You

Posted on 04 May 2009

It is always a good idea to do a comparison-shopping when you are looking for best cash-back deals. There are always options available according to your buying habits. Whether, it could be in the form of a card with a better plan or simply a card matching your needs. The important thing is that your card should work for you the way you need it.

They are numerous options in terms of cash back credit cards ranging from percentage rates, APR’s, qualified merchants, and more. You will find all of them different in many ways and it is important to think properly before deciding a certain card for yourself.cashback credit cards

Cash Back to You

Most of the cash back cards offers a 5% off or cash back of your every days purchases like groceries and gas. It is very important to check that your favorite store is included in the list of qualified merchants accepting this card. A large store like Wal-Mart may provide all the necessities at one stop; however, if your card does not have at as a qualified merchant then you might not be getting all the benefit that you intended with your card. You should also consider the timings and limits applicable for cash-back purchases so that you can use them at acceptable places at suitable hours.

During your research you may come across programs that offer slabs which give more discounts as you spend more. Then there are also seasonal programs, which provide different offers during the year. For instance, the Discover “More” Card offers 5% cash back, but only on certain shopping categories. During the summer months, gas purchases are at a premium. During the winter, clothes and home purchases are the best values.

Apart from reward points and reward caps, you should also consider certain other factors as well while assessing which card is best for you. This includes expirations dates, inactivity penalties and annual fees and ease of en-cashing your reward points. All these might prove important before making a final decision regarding which card you choose.

Deciding Factors

Deciding the right card for you might prove a difficult task. For some it would be a comparative analysis using a spreadsheet and for others it would simply be a card with better deals and more earning points. However, in all cases you can ask yourself certain questions before deciding a card.

  • How much do you spend on “everyday” purchase?
  • Where do you shop? Will the card alter this?
  • How much will you need to spend to get a rebate?
  • Do you mind if the cash back is held until the end of the year?
  • Can you pay off your monthly balance to avoid finance charges?

It is very important to keep in mind the last question as cards with cash back options often carry higher interest rates and if you are planning to make a large purchase and then paying it is segments, you might essentially destroy any profit you might earn on your card.

Also with higher finance charges you might not be able to spend more and thus would limit any potential points or rewards you might earn on your card. Also look for cards with no annual fee. Imagine a card with $39 annual fee and $60 year end cash back, you will only able to cherish $21 for the whole year’s spending.

What’s Best for You

Finally, the greatest decisive factor regarding cash-back credit cards is you and you’re spending habits. For example, if you are not a spendaholic then tiered program is not for you. If you are a businessman then programs with rewards on purchases at slot stores would be suitable for you. And couples working together can double their cap limits and maximize their reward earnings.

Since, everybody is different from other with different needs there are bound to be a card that is suitable to one’s needs.

A final word, pay your balance each month so that you can avoid finance charges and keep in mind you should not spend more for reward. Remember it is you who have to pay all this back, and if you are unable to do so then you will wipe out all profits and rewards you earned on your card. It is your card, which should work for you and not vice’ versa.

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