Best Credit Cards for Small Business

Posted on 14 June 2009

If you are looking to open up a Business credit card, then you must check out the three hot offers that are given below. All these cards have introductory 0% APR. The duration of 0% APR is 6-12 months. Means you can enjoy an introductory period of 6 to 12 months.

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This APR varies with different cards and that is decided by the credit card company itself. It depends that what offer they will give to you by them, all these cards offer great cash back rewards, and no annual fees is charged by them. What more do you want. These are ideal cards offered to you.

These business credit cards also provide you an opportunity to carry a balance without paying interest. This offer is valid until the 0% introductory APR expires.

3 Best Business Credit Cards

Check out the best credit card offers for small business that are given below:

American Express SimplyCash(SM) Business Card


American Express offers you following facilities:

  • SimplyCash(SM) Business Card has 0% introductory APR on purchases
  • The introductory period lies up to 12 months
  • It offers 5% cash back on business-related purchases that include gas also which are each month automatically credited to your statement.
  • Also no annual fee is charged.

Blue Cash® for Business Credit Card


Blue Cash® for Business Credit Card offers you following facilities:

  • Blue Cash® for Business Credit Card has 0% APR on purchases.
  • The introductory period lies up to 12 months
  • It offers up to 5% cash back on purchases, with no limit to what you can earn.
  • It does not charge any annual fee.

Discover® Business Carddiscoverbig Discover® Business Card offers you following facilities:

  • The Discover® Business Card has 5% Cash back Bonus on office supplies.
  • 2% Cash back Bonus on gas.
  • Up to 1% Cash back Bonus on all other purchases.
  • It also offers introductory 0% APR until the last day of the billing period ending during February 2008.
  • No annual fee is charged by it.

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  1. Welfred says:

    It is really a big help when you have a plan to have a small business, credit cards helps you a lot, but make it sure your business can provide every debt you have every end of the month.

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