How to Get the Highest Appraisal For Your Home

Posted on 09 June 2009

In this article we have given you few tips to get the highest appraisal, if you follow these tips you can probably achieve your goal to get the highest appraisal for your home.

1. You should first make it sure that you have GFI outlets within six feet of all sources of water. What it means is your kitchen sink, and bathroom sinks. For the exact criteria concerning this you may want to check with your public utility provider, but whatever you have to do you must get it done.

2. Make sure that your attic has adequate insulation for the space as they will take a look at your attic. When you have decided to show that you have a well maintained home then if you add an attic fan it will also be a nice touch.appr_2

3. In case if your home was built before 1978, you should make sure that you have no peeling paint chips. Those paints that are used in homes prior to 1978 contain lead in them. A home built prior to 1978 may contain peeling surfaces but do not sand any such peeling surfaces, just prime and paint. You may not let the lead paint particles to become air born.

4. You should make sure that the shape of your roof is in a quite good condition. You should check this as I am sure that you don’t need to hear it from the appraiser that your appraisal has been affected by your roof. If your roof needs some minor repairs then get it done before the arrival of your appraiser. In case if your roof was built more than 10 years ago then be ready that it will have its effect on that bottom line, especially if its age is shown by its condition.

5. Is your home siding made up of a Brick or a Vinyl, this makes a lot of difference. Brick siding is considered to be more superior then a Vinyl siding. Whether you believe my words or not, I myself have actually seen such people who have covered a brick home in vinyl siding. I feel sorry for such people who have done a big mistake doing this.


6. Are you thinking about adding a deck? Yes you should. A deck and any storage buildings on the property are two important factors of an appraisers report. If you are willing to get the best appraisal possible, then you must use pressure treated decking as it will get you more bang for the buck. Size also matters a lot, as well as using great building materials will bring good appraisal for you. Covered porches also makes strong factor. And if you have an existing deck, then you should stain it just in order to give it the best possible appeal.

7. To add an extra square footage is always a good idea. Have you got a porch? If yes then enclose it and convert it into a sunroom or a family room. If it has heat and you have installed an air conditioning unit, then this square footage can help you to add as much as $25,000.00 to your homes value. Sometimes in favorable market conditions this amount is increased.

8. Your bedrooms matter a lot. You should never ever try to change a bedroom into a den or to make it larger rooms don’t have it merged with another bedroom. You should not take this decision unless you have at least 4 bedrooms or more in your home to begin with. If you do so without having that much bedrooms then this is a big mistake done by you and it will have an adverse effect on your bottom line.

9. If it is possible for you, then you must add a half bath to your home. It seems that people can never get enough baths or bedrooms in a home.

10. It is a common sense that your double car garage carries more value than a single, and a garage gains a superior position then a carport. However, speaking strategically, if you are having the parking space and it is paved, then in this case you are able to convert your garage into a den or family room, and then attach a carport. After you have done all this then there are chances that your home value is increased by this. You should not forget to think about adding heating and cooling sources.

11. In many states, if a bedroom has a closet then it is only a bedroom. In some states, a window is required which should be that much big that an adult can easily crawl out of it.

12. Get your plumbing properly checked. They will take a look at your pipes and of course we do not want them to see leaks or evidence of leaks.

13. You should have made sure that all outlets are grounded. They will be checking your closets and also your fuse box.

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