Positive and Negative characteristics of Credit Card Company

In this article we will look at some of the positive and negative characteristics of individual card issuers and their related credit cards.

American Express Card


Positive Characteristics
Whenever I think about American Express, the first thing that comes in my mind is convenience.  They are truly the best customer service provider out there.  The things are managed by them quickly and efficiently, making them my go-to credit card issuer.  With them it is quite easy to dispute charges and they never make us wait to get a live representative on the phone. Large lines of credit are also provided by them, which is always an additional thing for the responsible cardholder.

Negative Characteristics
American Express has got only a single drawback and that is the fact that there credit cards are not accepted by all merchants. In fact, now such merchants are present everywhere who will not accept American Express as a payment option. Amex cardholders encounter this problem because Amex charges higher transaction fees, and also due to the fact that in the event of a dispute they tend to favor cardholders rather than to take the side of merchants.

Capital One Card

capital one

Positive Characteristics
Capital One credit card has got one major benefit and that is the lack of an international transaction fee. If you travel outside the United States often then you will realize that this is a huge selling point, it is due to the reason that the foreign conversion fee charged by all other card issuers can get quite expensive. Their card lab can also be really very helpful to you, as without settling for a generic credit card you can not make the exact choice of what you need/want for yourself.

Negative Characteristics
If we look at the downside, the Capital One provides quite a poor customer service. There customer service is so bad that when I received a credit card from them, even the important information related to my specific card was not mentioned with it. There was no information of important things like the purchase and balance transfer APR, fees, or the time period after which my introductory period of 0% APR will over. In order to make sure that the terms I agreed to when I signed up for the card were actually what I received, I had to make a call to their customer service department. For such things I cannot accept any excuses.

Chase Card

chase card

Positive Characteristics
There are pretty good rewards programs that Chase credit cards have, in addition to this they also offer good cash back benefits. If we look at there past we will find that they also had pretty good balance transfer offers. They have got a user-friendly website, which makes it quite easy to complete a number of tasks like change of address or credit line increases.

Negative Characteristics
The negative characteristic of Chase is the lack of a cap on balance transfer fees. Balance transfer fees are capped at $75, typically, but Chase recently got rid of this thing, by this transfer of a balance becomes potentially much expensive then before.  A fee is also recently added by them and they have also increased minimum payments for cardholders who carry a balance.

Citi Card

citi card

Positive Characteristics
There are some of the best credit cards and related offers around that Citi has, although most of their best offers, have all vanished such as no fee balance transfer credit cards. They have got the greatest range of options available and the best benefits are being offered by them. They are also having a pretty solid Customer service, and at all their call centers they tend to have American reps.  They have also got a great interface on their website, this makes it easy to execute balance transfers and it is also helpful to take care of other account duties.

Negative Characteristics
The negative part of Citi characteristic is that most of their hot offers aren’t so golden anymore, and the fact their existence as a bank going forward has become a question these days. If it does happen and they go under, it will be very much painful dealing with the transfer of accounts.

Discover Card

discoverbig Positive Characteristics
Discover is not a card that is being used widely, but it offers some good benefits. Namely, the offer 1% cash back on all purchases, this has been a big draw in the past time, but nowadays most other card issuers offer similar rewards cards. For certain expenditures they also have cash back specials, this makes it beneficial to hold onto for those particular purchases.

Negative Characteristics
Discover isn’t accepted by all merchants likewise Amex. Additionally, they use a two-cycle billing method, if you tend to carry a balance it can cost you a lot more in finance charges.

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