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Chartered Surveyors in the United Kingdom

Published on: Thu, Jul 30, 2009

Classified as: Mortgage

A Chartered surveyor is a person who works as a Mortgage Valuator, House valuator and for building surveys, any quantity and quality surveys, Land Valuation or other forms related to valuation or survey.rics logo

Surveyor is a member of Royal Institution of Chartered surveyors in United Kingdom. Surveyors offer impartial  advice on a variety of property related issues and the services which they provide are diverse.At the most basic level, their duties include valuing property and looking for structural defects in buildings. they use delicate instruments with accuracy and precision.

Surveys :

Normally when a Borrower requires a Loan, He hires a surveyor to carry out a survey of his property. This also saves the Lender that the property is actually of the worth that is demanded as Loan. Its cost is being charged but it saves thousands of both parties, that of Lender and Borrower.but it does not mean that this is the final calculation, buyers should have to obtain information from many other sources.

Full building survey is most appropriate for larger properties and Homebuyer`s Survey and Valuation is useful for smaller or medium properties. They work using strong management and entrepreneurial skills to ensure the business runs successfully for both the client and company profits. by considering the physical, environmental and social impact of proposed developments and carrying environment impact assessments

Restrictions :

Chartered surveyors are not specialists and they do not have authority to lift floorboards or drill holes. so prospective buyer have to take advice from an engineer or most probably from the solicitor to conform matters which cause some effects on valuation.

Types of Surveys :

Building Survey: As the Borrowers hire the Surveyors, they give their advice about value and conditions of the property. They point out the destructions or damages in the property and give appropriate solution for this.  they ensure that projects are completed on budget and on time

Common tasks perform by surveyors are: Construction design and building works, Property Legislation adviser and Building Inspection to ensure compliance with building regulations

Quantity Survey: These surveyors are simply cost assigners. they estimate costs for builders and contractors and document it. They may prepare feasibility studies, manage tenders and manage subcontractors. The technique of measuring quantities from drawings, sketches and specifications prepared by designers, principally architects and engineers.Quantity surveyors control construction costs by accurate measurement of the work required, the application of expert knowledge of costs and prices of work, labor, materials and plant required.

Their typical work activities are:

  • identifying, analyzing and developing responses to commercial risks;
  • providing advice on contractual claims
  • analyzing outcomes and writing detailed progress reports
  • maintaining awareness of the different building contracts in current use

Land Surveying and Auctions:

These Surveyors do hydrographic surveying, engineering surveying and cartography. They work under The Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors. Firms of Chartered surveyors also work as auctioneers. Auctions are publicly and privately seen in several contexts and almost anything can be sold at auction.

Their common tasks are :

  • undertaking digital mapping
  • gathering data on the earth’s physical and man-made features through surveys
  • discussing specific project requirements with clients
  • interpreting data using maps, charts and plans
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