How to Secure Your Online Credit Card Transactions?

Posted on 05 July 2009

It looks like these days everything can be managed online. Your credit cards are not exceptional. Same as you can make online purchases using your credit cards and also you are able to pay the bills over the internet for convenience, there are several other ways also with which you can manage your credit card usage online.

Credit Card Security

It is feeling of some people that using a credit card online is risky but in most of the situations it is actually a more secure environment than that when you give your credit card to your waiter or cashier in a retail establishment! If you take some preventative measures, the risks of online credit card usage can further be reduced by you.

Tips For Secure Online Use of Credit Cards

Here I am giving you some tips for using credit cards online securely:

Online Credit Card Applications

If you want to apply for a credit card, in order to determine your eligibility for a credit card, the credit card issuer will demand a number of identifying information from you. If you are applying online from reputable websites, the information is encrypted and it is sent over a secure server. In order to make sure that you are using a secure server, check that the URL contains “https” instead of the standard “http” as this is the indicator of a secure server.

Rather than sending your financial information through the mail it is better to use an online application as it is actually considered more secure for your financial information. Once when you have placed your card application in the mailbox, before it reaches the credit card company it is exposed to a number of people. There are several opportunities for people to steal the envelope as well as your identity.

Online Account Access and Security Features

An online access to your credit card account, statement, and payment history is offered by most of the credit cards. This gives you an opportunity to see transactions as they happen and with it you can easily keep an eye on the account to make sure that there no unauthorized transactions are occurring. In few cases, you can request your credit card company that they may sent you an email or sent you a phone text message whenever a purchase meets certain criteria, this will give you more security against unauthorized charges and identity theft.

Using Your Credit Card Online

Whenever you are attempting to use your credit card to shop online, first you should make sure that you’re shopping from a reputable website.


Once that you have done the verification that the URL shows “https” that I have already told you that it is the indicator of secured website and it is protected with SSL (secure soekets layer) one more thing that you might also do before making your purchase and that is you should check for reports on the Better Business Bureau and/or just in order to ensure that other consumers did not have any problems with the retailer.

Be Aware of Phishing

Phishing is a term that is used to describe the most common way by which the consumers become victims of identity theft. In most cases, personal data is actually given up by victims because it is their feeing that they are giving their information on a secure site or through a secure email with their financial company but what happens is that that these emails were send by scammers that appear to be coming from legitimate companies asking for personal information in order to confirm your account details.

You should never ever enter personal information based on an email you receive, or just in order to win a prize. You will never be asked by a credit card company or bank to send personal information via email. Don’t enter your information, in case if you are linked to a website from an email. You should make a call to your banking institution because there are chances that such emails are a ‘fake link’ that brings you to a ‘fake website’ that is exactly identical to your actual bank site! If you are trapped and you enter your information here, then your information goes right into the hands of fraudsters who will steal your identity.

As long as you take precautions to prevent fraud then it is safe to use your credit cards online. It is same as you take precautions to keep your card safe when you are out for a shopping in person.

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