Network Solutions Puts 570,000+ Customer Credit Cards at Risk

Posted on 28 July 2009

The two most important things that the hosting companies need to ensure in order to keep customers happy are reliable service and security. Network Solutions, by whom over 6 million domains are being managed, have not delivered on the security side of things and so they have to admit a major breach of its systems.


The breach was discovered by Network Solutions when unauthorized code was spotted on some e-commerce merchant sites.

Now in order to contact all affected merchants in the U.S., the company is working with a credit report agency as there is no other way of confirming which credit cards have been compromised so they are just assuming that all of them are. In order to provide a help in this process Network Solutions a website has been created for customers and merchants who are worried that they may be affected and that website is called

Yet the reasons as to why the breach has been possible have not been forthcoming from the company. It has been believed by Network Solutions that its systems were PCI Security compliant though.

It has been highlighted by Steve Moyle, chief technology office at security vendor Secerno as a probable case of just not keeping everything up-to-date.

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