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10 things you don’t want to hear from your real estate agent

Posted on 19 August 2009

Here are Ten Things You Don’t Want To Hear From Your Real Estate Agent When You Go To Settlement On Your New Home…

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New Credit Card Rules have Card Companies Scrambling to Protect Bottom Line

Posted on 19 August 2009

By the New rules some protection against sudden interest rate hikes and payment changes are being given to credit card holders.It would be starting from Thursday, before raising their interest rates credit card companies would give you…

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Rise in Mortgage Applications as Rates Fall: MBA

Posted on 19 August 2009

On Wednesday it has been said by  the Mortgage Bankers Association that large swings in mortgage rates over the past month have shown their result in the form of  “seesaw-like activity” in the volume of refinancing applications that has been filed by homeowners, while there has been a gradual increase in the applications to purchase […]

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Managing Your Cards: Guide to Read Your Monthly Statements – Part 2

Posted on 19 August 2009

In my previous post I have discussed few parts of your monthly credit card statement and here in this article I am explaining the rest of them.if a balance is carried by you then you usually don’t have a grace period, and on new purchases interest accrues immediately. There is also a lack of grace periods for cash advances and balance transfers. For details…

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