FBI Launches $80 million Credit Card Fraud Investigation

Posted on 15 August 2009

In Colorado, a major FBI investigation is underway, in that investigation bank and credit card fraud is involved. It is anticipated that this investigation could involve as much as $80 million in fraudulent transactions.


On Friday the police has arrested four people and as this investigation continues many more arrests are expected. Two of those people that have been arrested were two women with Russian backgrounds that appeared in federal court here this afternoon.

And as the Feds are being tight-lipped about their investigation it’s apparently seems that it must be a very large scale organized operation.

Federal agents along with police has raided an Aurora car dealership and at least a dozen other locations across the metro area and they are looking for evidence connected to a much larger bank fraud investigation.


It has been said by the owner of Maaliki Motors that agents have told him that he is “not” one of the targets of criminal investigation, it is just that they wanted his sales records as an evidence.

It has been told by The U.S. Attorney’s office that the investigation is continuing and several more arrests are expected.

One of the people that has been arrested on Friday has been taken to a medical facility with an unknown condition and a court appearance will be made by the other the next week.

It’s not clear that how many people might be arrested in future under this investigation, but the Feds has said that this is a large scale investigation against an organized criminal ring.

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