Home Mortgage Loan Rates – Are Interest Rates Falling Below 5%?

Posted on 03 August 2009

Over the last few weeks we have seen quite stability in home mortgage loan rates. Basically we have seen a narrow range of 5.1% to 5.3% from the 30 year fixed mortgage rate.  Yield rates, by which the mortgage rates are moved, have recently fallen, so we can expect that we are going to see lower mortgage rates.  Does it mean that we will see mortgage interest rates below 5%?  Surely no one knows the answer to that question as only time will tell.  If there would be a continuous fall in the yield rates then it is highly likely that mortgage rates may fall below 5%.

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If you have been thinking about refinancing or you may be thinking of getting your first mortgage, then this is the most suitable time to start the process.  If now you take initiative, you could be ready to sign on the agreement when mortgage rates are below 5% and at historic lows.  You probably have seen advertisements all over the television and on the Internet for mortgage rates well under 5%. 

While it is not necessary that you will get a rate this low, you never know what rates you will get until you ask. It is offered by most of these ads that you can call on 800 number and speak to a representative.  May be you don’t want to give them all of your personal information but it would be helpful for you to find out that at present what types of interest rates are floating around out there.

Congratulations to you for taking the first step in getting a low home mortgage loan rate.  Now that mortgage rates are falling so now you may have the chance to lock into some of the lowest interest rates in history. The next step in the process that you have to take is that you have to contact some lenders and see that what type of rate they can offer you!

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