Home Mortgage Loan Rates – Interest Rates Drop Below 5.3%

Posted on 12 August 2009

Almost during the whole last week home mortgage loan rates were up but so far this week they have dropped greatly. For home owners who are looking to refinance, a drop from 5.5% to below 5.3% is a great news.  If for having your home refinance you have been waiting for the right time then this might be the time.  It seems as if mortgage rates are in an uptrend but now as we have seen a drop this week so that might help you to get a much lower mortgage rate than any time in the near future. It has been actually predicted by some analysts that mortgage rates would be going above 6%.

mortgage interest rates

Probably you might have seen advertisements all over the Internet and television from companies by whom the rates below 5% are being offered. You would never know that if you can get a mortgage rate this much low until you actually call them and ask.

In most of the adds it is told that you can call an 800 number where you can speak to a representative. May be you may not be willing to give the representative all of your personal information but it might be a good idea to at least ask the representative few common questions related to the mortgage loans and their interest rates.

Now I would congratulate you on taking the first step in getting a lower home mortgage loan rate.  Now having done this research you are well ahead of most of the other people in your financial position.  The next step that you should take after that is to get out there and actually contact some of the companies that are offering rates this low.

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