Negative Amortization

Negative amortization is a phenomenon in which the principal balance on a loan increases every month, rather than decreasing with each payment. because the payment fails to cover the payable principle and interest . For Instant, when someone makes a loan payment, that payment is used to pay off the interest which has accrued, and the remainder of the payment is applied to the principal. In the early stages of the loan, the payments often go almost entirely to interest, with a small fraction going to the principal.

As a result, at the end of each month, the unpaid amount is added to the balance of the loan, causing it to increase. when a lender would consider providing a loan with negative amortization is when the assets securing the facility are determined to have significant equity value.


These loans have many names: Negative Amortizing Loan, Neg Am or NegAm, Deferred Interest Option Loan and Pay Option Arm.

Characteristics of Negative Amortization

Amortization means to reduce something over time. A negative amortization loan actually increases your loan over time. In the negative amortization loan system, the periodic payment doesn’t include the interest amount due for that period of loan. The result of this type of loan is that the principal or loan balance gets higher by the unpaid interest amount. Negative amortization loans can involve high risks for the investors. Negative amortization is also a term used for Graduated Payment Mortgage (GPM).

Negative amortization loan is sometimes the best for homebuyers who have very little to contribute toward a monthly payment. and Sometimes it is also a good choice for investors who are not planning on holding onto the home long enough for the loan value to really boost. But it is not a good loan program for everyone, especially for those who are planning on living in their home for a long time. The biggest disadvantage of negative loan amortization comes when the homeowners want to sell their home. If they’ve lived in it for several years while paying on a negative amortization loan, it’s possible that the loan amount has become larger than the amount that they can actually sell the house for.

Reasons to choose Negative Amortization

Lenders and borrowers will sometimes knowingly take out a loan with negative amortization, and sometimes it happens as a result of market rate interest trends. Some reasons that borrowers and lenders may end up with a negative amortization loan.

It may be attractive for a borrower to have a lower monthly payment at the beginning of the mortgage loan. The lender may want to allow a negative amortization loan to a borrower based on their future income, and a borrower may want to have lower monthly payments now because they are expecting their income to greatly increase in the near future.

A reverse mortgage creates negative amortization because no payments are ever made and all of the interest is added to the principal of the loan.

It is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage and the interest rate grew higher than the payment cap. With Adjustable Rate mortgages there is usually a cap to how high the monthly payment can get.

Problems with Negative Amortization

The entire amount of the loan amortization must be paid at last. This is why most banks and financial institutions do not allow a negative amortization period of more than five years. In addition, the terms and conditions of the loan will also have to be readjusted if the principal balance reaches a predetermined amount. This is to prevent borrowers from taking advantage of negative amortization and making their loans drag on for a long period of time.

The resultant payment shock is proportionate to the amount of negative amortization and the period over which it occurs. Thus, the more attractive the loan is upfront to the borrower  the larger payment shock will need to be to fully amortize the loan.

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