What is Lessee?

The party in a business transaction that contracts to make use of property or equipment for a specific amount of time is referred to as the lessee. The terms and conditions documented in a lease agreement govern the transaction. In return for the privilege of using the equipment or property for the duration of the lease, the lessee agrees that he or she will pay the owner or lessor regular payments that would be in accordance with the terms that are specified in the lease.


Long-term rental of property

While in any type of rental or lease situation this term can be used, the idea of a lessee is usually associated with the long-term rental of property, such as a home or apartment. The terms of the lease normally provide specific rights,privileges, and responsibilities to both the tenant and the owner of the property. Usually a lessee lessor relationship is a positive one as long as both parties honor their obligations.

Responsibilities of lessee during lease period

The duration of the lease agreement may be shorter with equipment rentals, it could be even as little as a few days. While the equipment is in the control of the lessee, so in the use of the equipment he or she is expected to exercise due diligence, while also taking reasonable measures in order to protect the equipment from harm. When the equipment is returned to the lessor, the lessor often inspect the equipment. If he found that it is in good working order, the terms of the lease are considered fulfilled and the transaction is complete.

Termination rights of lessor and lessee

It is not unusual thing for any lease agreement that it will grant both lessor and lessee termination rights. For example, a tenant might be able to retire a lease early if in case an employer transfers him or her to another city. Simultaneously, the owner of the property may opt to terminate a lease early for non-compliance of the tenant with the terms and conditions of the lease.

Factors like non-payment of rent or failure to honor prohibitions against having a pet or violating clauses having to do with excess noise ma be included in the non-compliance. Protection is provided by a lease agreement for both parties, which makes it possible for both the lessee and the lessor to end the business relationship if either of the two partied is failing to live up to his or her commitment.

Lessee must read lease agreement before signing

A potential lessee should read the provisions of the document thoroughly before signing any lease agreement. If there are any such clauses or sections which he or she is unable to understand, then it is important to seek clarification before entering into the lease. This will help to prevent form any such possibilities of misunderstandings regarding the responsibilities and privileges that were assumed by both parties for the duration of the agreement, and it will also help in keeping the business relationship cordial.

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