Is it Safe to Apply for Credit Cards Online?

People think a lot about whether it is safe to buy things online using credit cards. But what do you think about the application process that is used to get the card in the first place? Is it safe to provide your personal details through an online credit card application?

data encryption

Actually secure e-commerce technology is considered safer as compared to mailing your paper application through the United States Postal Service.

Security measures for Online Credit Card Application

For online credit card applications few security measures are taken, these include:

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology is that technology that encrypts the information that is sent between your computer and the bank’s computer through the internet.

So the personal information that is entered by you into an online credit card application form is sent in a jumbled mess that can only be un jumbled by the bank computer and it put convert it into that form that can be understood by human readers. Whoever tries to intercept the transmission of your credit card application, they would receive the encrypted, jumbled version.

What Is Encryption?

Encryption is actually a mathematical process that camoflouges the information to 128-bits. When a computer encrypts your personal data, ever character that you enter is converted by the computer into another character, in any one of 2 to the 128th power ways. It would take 20,000 years to break that code using today’s computers.


Two Key Algorithms

In addition to this, a two-key algorithm is used by the encryption method. What it means is that there is a public and private key that have to be used to “unlock” the encrypted data. The computer sending and receiving the information  requires these keys in order to unscramble and read the 128-bit encrypted personal data of your credit card application. If any criminal intercept an encrypted message he or she not only has to deal with the impossible mathematical encryption; but also then need to have the public and private keys in order to “unlock” it.

Online credit card applications and banking systems use Strong Encryption

It is true that you should be concerned about the identity theft, especially as we’re dealing with more of our personal information being stored online. You should have more concern regarding non-banking websites that store personal data since strong security and encryption methods are used by online credit card applications and banking systems that make them safer than mailing your information through the US Postal Service.

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