Top 6 Ways To Avoid Credit Card Late Fee Penalties

You may be attracted by the credit card companies because they advertized low interest rates, but their fees are nearly tripled. These tips will help you out to save money on your credit cards by paying bills late.

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1-pay your bills twice monthly

  • Just schedule to pay your bills two times in a month.
  • Also request the due date which you can recall easily and can remember the due date with your other bills.

2-Sign Up For Automatic Bill Payment

  • Sign up for automatic payments then you’ll never forget to pay.
  • Designate an amount which can pay minimum payment and pay a down as a principal, if you will only pay minimum you will always be under debt.

3-Pay by Phone

Beat the clock

  • If you pay to your Credit Card Company by mail then do it by Phone, if your paying date is close.
  • Some companies charge $15 for payment on phone, but this is less then the late fee.

4-Don’t be Afraid to Negotiate

  • If you are a not a late fee payer then call the credit card company and complain.
  • Credit Card companies can waive off the late fee if their customers have good payment history.

5-Read the Fine Print

 late fees

  • Check all the restriction and regulation set by your card company to avoid late payment.
  • If your credit card is “Universal Default”. Then consider switching to a card that doesn’t have this clause as an agreement.

6-Why Pay Your Credit Card Bills in Full and On Time?

  • Sometimes people left to get worry about late fees if it is a practice, but just add this late fee costs you in a year.
  • You’ll find that how much money you saved if didn’t lend to companies.
  • To get rid of credit card late fees it is the best practice to pay fee monthly and be on time
  • It is good to hear, but if you will live debt free it will be a goal you attained with planning, patience and your hard efforts.

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