Looking For Second Home Financing?

So why is there a reason or a need for the possession of a second home? The answer is simple, because an investment in the real estate can prove to be of great benefit to your investment portfolio and increase asset credibility. By analyzing the current and past trends of market value and assessing the debt load of mortgage loans against their initial investment in their first home. They can visibly see the benefits enriched by their investment in real estate. Second Home Financing

Therefore these reasons are why people should invest in a second home. It can be used for a number of reasons, for vacations, for retirement, or for rental purposes. Whatever the need is for the second home different purposes will bring a new consideration especially with regards to tax status will arise. Therefore with such a diverse range of usage are prevailing for the second house that it isn’t a purchase to make blindly. It’s important to do some homework about the property, and clearly understand what purpose the second home has in your portfolio and lifestyle.

Hunting around

Determine what would be the location of the second home first. It is essential that you know where  your second home will be. Are you willing to get a condo in the city for rental purposes, or are you looking for a vacation house on the beach or the country side which would be in relevant driving distance. Whatever the reason may be it is important for you to search the location and the market value of homes in that location.

Search on websites belonging to real estate companies and browse sites which will provide you details on possible vacant properties in lovely locations in accordance to your need. These sites are user friendly and allow you to insert your requirements which than display a list of results according to the needs specified. For example you can alter the results by specifying the price, no. of bedrooms, no. of bathrooms, zip code and type of home, a 2 story or a single story house. While considering for retirement, take the climate and weather changes into consideration.

The process

While considering the process its best that you consult a Realtor you can take you through the whole process smoothly especially if it is an out of state purchase. An experienced Realtor will assess the external factor affecting your decision of purchase for instance; by researching on the location of your purchase he can warn you against the locality and the neighborhood, also about state restrictions against construction or re-modeling, details about forest regulations if the purchase is in the countryside.

The realtor will also help you out with all the legal work, formalities and will cover all grounds for you. Remember this is your second time of purchase and you’re not new to this method so call back the memories and the efforts in vain involved in the primary hunting. Know your rights and your jurisdiction of your property.

Additional responsibility

Like before, simply purchasing the property is not the end to the accomplishment of your dream. Remember your initial days of putting your first home into place by performing property  taxes, maintenance costs, additional construction for increment in the already existing construction, the many codes of conduct to follow, yard work, legal fees, home insurance etc. All these prospects have to be taken into consideration once again for your second home.

A consideration can be made on how high house insurance can be location to location. For example, houses on the coast require a high insurance premium to be paid because there is a threat of flooding. Carefully plan your second home and its additional responsibility. It can be a complete new project which will involve major re-modeling requirements such as water pipelines, insulation, bathroom or kitchen fittings etc. This would require a lot more of money to be spent on maintenance and construction. So whatever the decision, plan wisely.


The most important aspect of this journey is the availability of funds to fuel the purchase. Usually a second mortgage can be draining on the personal finances of an individual. However, to obtain a second mortgage will be relatively easy than the first time since your credibility will have increased from the first mortgage. Another huge advantage to encourage the strength of purchasing a second home is the aspect that personal finances are strengthened and improved by the purchase of another asset.

Down payment, interest rates, origination fees are sky rocketing high, however banks have benefited from business obtained from individuals who have been buying more than one homes and so they welcome such customers. If you’re not enthusiastic of taking out another mortgage against your second house, you can get a mortgage loan based on equity in the first home. Though high interest rates persist other closing costs linked to traditional mortgage can be avoided.

On the other hand if the second home is being purchased of income providers’ source than they will be required to provide some substantial proof since becoming a landlord is a business which should be backed by a full proof realistic business plan which will assure the banks to issue a loan.

In order to show proof of income potential on a second home, you can use accounting records from the previous owner, or hire a professional appraiser to do an analysis by comparing the property to other successful income-producing properties in the same area.

So now that certain steps have been listed down it is highly recommendable that you take this process individually since for each person it may differ. Figure out other procedures which to are relevant and require to be performed. Observe trends in the market for houses and keep assessing external factors such as the financial crisis which lead the tumble of market value of houses and making people homeless due to the inability of paying off loans. Be careful of all the holes and wells dug into the earth and avoid falling into them as there is no possible way to return for those shit holes.

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