How to Get Best Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Fixed rate mortgage ensures a fixed payment for the life of the loan and allow you to pay it off over the term. It is your current financial situation that determines your best fixed rate mortgage. In terms of your current financial situation the most important factor is your credit report. If your credit report is free from missed and late repayments, then you are very likely to get the best fixed rate mortgage. Besides, also make sure that your credit report contains the accurate information and is void of all errors.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Besides, another important factor that determines the best fixed rate mortgage for you is your employment history. If there is stability in your employment, there will be a higher probability of getting a lower interest rate in your fixed rate mortgage.

There are usually 40, 30, 25, 20, 15 and 10 year fixed rate mortgages available. The lower the number of years, the higher will be the payments that you will be paying, and vice versa.

Well this is because you will have to pay less in interest when the years are less, and also because the mortgage rate will be much less than those of 30 0r 40 year fixed rate mortgage.  Thus, the best fixed rate mortgage is the one with the shortest amount of time coupled with lower interest rate, but indeed its hard to get in the current economic environment.

You just need to work on few important factors that can head you towards the best fixed rate mortgage. The most important, your credit report and your employment status. Your lender will be in much concern with these two factors which will help him asses your income and expenditure which will ultimately reveal your affordability as well as your projected financial status.

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