How To Protect Your Credit Card From Zeus Virus?

Frauds are the common threats that are especially designed by fraudulent people to hoax the innocent public. You should be aware of the tricks to protect your finances from such scams.


Currently, Zeus Malware is one of the biggest threats for banking customers. This system has invented a solid device for asking people to hand over their most sensitive and basic financial information.

Security Systems

The Zeus Malware has targeted two main security systems that are verified by the Visa and MasterCard, and total 15 leading financial institutions stand under these two systems and their customers are at risk from Zeus Malware.

This malware can mimic the validating pages of the Visa and MasterCard so discreetly that even the most careful e-bankers may become fooled by this.

Visa and MasterCard has introduced a SecureCode for the best customer’s interest to defeat this malware. You should enroll at any of these two protecting systems in order to protect your financial detail. Signing up process for this protection is very easy. Just visit your bank’s official website, register your credit card for this protection service and select a password that should be strong enough that no one could guess it.

Create Strong Passwords

For creating a strong password, use numbers, symbols, and letters in your password. After signing up for this protection, every transaction that you will make will be protected. If you enter a wrong password, then a screen will pop up and alarm you that you have entered a wrong password and it will restrict you from making transaction.

Zeus scam is also proved to be efficient recently, so this additional layer of protection must be used with caution to make it more efficient against Zeus hoax. Make sure that the PC’s that are being used for online transactions are free from malware, as with malware they are at higher risk of getting attacked by virus.

Zeus could incorporate their manipulated false form into the browser after making a transaction. They will claim that Visa and MasterCard have now compulsory security systems. They will ask you to provide your basic information, such as date of birth, social security number, credit card number, and personal password. If they succeeded to get this information from you, then they will become able to make uncountable “card not present” transactions by your information.

Download Software Recommended by Provider

This is not going to happen if you are already signed up in the Verified by Visa or MasterCard, however. You can also avoid other scams of the same natures just by downloading the software that your credit card provider suggests you to download.

Customers for e-banking of many UK banks including HSBC, Santander, RBS, and NatWest, are free to download programmes.

The software detects the HTML injection and stops it. It also would not let the Zeus to force a fake form on your browser. Zeus can not easily be detected even many high tech anti virus software are failed to detect it.

Zeus malware is alarmingly common, as well. So incase if you get even any tiniest irregularity in your computer, them just contact your relevant bank, download the protection software and make sure that you disinfected your PC.

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