The Difference Between an FHA and a Conventional Loan

Around the country home prices have lowered down in different places. These reductions in home prices are the best chance for the people to purchase their own home who are living their lives with stable employment and sufficient savings. There are two types of mortgage loans available in market that you may have heard about, these are Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans and conventional mortgage loans.


The type of loan that you can get basically depends on your circumstances, moreover, each of these loans contain both advantages and disadvantages. To make choice between these two loans, you must understand these loans and the difference between them. Let’s have a look on the basic points of these two loans.

Advantages of FHA Loans

People who would not qualify for a normal conventional loan can easily get FHA loan. FHA loans are the best choice for such people even if they may qualify for a sub-prime loan in conventional market. FHA loans require borrower to put only 35 down, whereas many conventional loans require borrowers to put 5% or even more down. You can get better rates if your credit is lower than stellar. That’s because your interest rate does not depend on your credit score. You can get financial aid from your friends, family, relatives, and other non-profit organizations. While conventional mortgage loans don’t allow you to get financial aid from friends and family in order to pay off your down, unless you don’t put 5% of your personal funds down, or put 20% or more.

Advantages of Conventional Loans

In some cases, conventional loans are more beneficial than FHA loans. You may want to go for conventional loans if you have big down. You are required to pay off mortgage insurance up front if you take out an FHA loan, in addition to this, you are required to add up your mortgage insurance in your monthly payments. The costs for the mortgage insurance with conventional loans are less. After getting enough equity, you’ll no longer be required to keep insurance. The requirements to get a conventional are less than that of FHA loan. Conventional loans allow you to get big mortgages and also let you buy the property that you can’t buy with FHA loans due to the requirements of FHA loans. Your credit score will also be taken into consideration in conventional loans for setting your interest rate. But this feature can hurt you if you have bad credit score. If you have good or excellent credit score, you can save a good amount of money with conventional loans.

Which Loan Is Best?

Either types of loans are dependable on your circumstances. If you are looking for putting down a lower down payment or want to take help from your friend or family, then an FHA loan is the best choice for you. If you put down a large down, want to purchase an expensive home or posses an excellent credit score, then the conventional loan is best for you. In case of recent history with bankruptcy or if your new home purchasing doesn’t meet the FHA requirements, then you won’t qualify for FHA loans. In such cases, conventional loans will work for you.

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