Mortgage Assistance Grants in Texas

There are many types of assistance grants offered in Texas. The main focus of these grants is to help people buy a house. They do this by providing the required cash for a down payment for a house.

Low Income Individuals

It is not very easy to acquire an assistance grant. Most of these grants are aimed at low income individuals. These people cannot afford to buy homes for themselves and their families. For such people the grants provide great financial assistance and help.

Down Payment Solutions

Down Payments are very useful. They have a list which contains a list of different assistance programs. These programs are all situated in Texas.

This list will contain all the relevant names. A person who has no idea on how to get financial assistance, should, consult the Down Payments Solutions. The best place to start with would be the city or county that you are living in. This will help you to determine the rates of grant amounts and processes.

Mortgage Assistance Grants

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo also carries out the same functions as Down Payments Solutions. It provides a list of all the assistance programs. These programs will also only be situated in Texas.

There are many names on this list, which, can also be found on the Down Payments Solution list. However the Wells Fargo list has some new names as well. Again you will have to contact the city or the county directly.

The amounts of the grants could have changed. Therefore it would be a good idea to find out the current amounts. The process for submission is also not provided by Wells Fargo. You will have to ask the city or county about this as well.

Texas Down Payment Assistance Program

There are many people who might not qualify for a local assistance program. In such situation they should try out the Texas Down Payment Assistance Program.  It is also known as the Texas First Time Homebuyer Program.

This Assistance program helps people with closing and down payment costs. There is one disadvantage of this program however. The loan must be repaid no matter what.  It will not be forgiven under any circumstances.

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  1. Dan Squires says:

    I’m about to ‘contract’ with a representative of the “Texas Mortgage Assistance Program” in conjunction with a house I own in Austin, Texas, but am 6 months in arrears re: my mortgage payments. I’m worried about whether this is a scam, but can’t find info on Google or other sites. Can you please comment on who they are and are they for real?

    Thank you very much!!

    Dan Squires

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