I Can’t Pay Back My Payday Loan. Will I Go To Jail?

Most of the times, people are unable to pay back the payout loans. They are then made scared of the jail confinements and related consequences. But the truth and reality actually differs from it, no such jail confinements are there. The companies merely threaten the people like pay the money by tomorrow or else we will sent you to the police to arrest you.

payday loan jail arrest

About the payouts

None of us wants someone to call him and threaten him this way. Keep in mind that no body has the authority or right or right to arrest you just because you didn’t pay the money. People are sent to the jails only when they overdue on a credit card or mortgage.
They normally are those people who break the law.

You are normally arrested or taken to the court if you intentionally write a bad check and later the company gets to know that there were no funds.

The point is the way through which they can prove that you were not planning to have money in your account. If at the very start of the payout, you decide not to pay the money; it becomes easy for them to prove this. But the cops can’t arrest you for this, so don’t get panic in such situation. Nobody is going to send you to the court because you haven’t committed a crime.

If the company still bothers you, figure out that which state law is applicable to you. The payday loan companies are operating in almost every country. The law of that state applies to you in which you got the payday loan. In case, if you got the payday online, you must check it out that either the laws of the country in which your company is operating are applicable to you or the laws of your own state.


Taking Arizona for instance, the law there says that an individual is not at all subjected to a criminal prosecution who issues a personal check to the payday loan.

In Kentucky, a sign is posed by all the payday loan places that say the individual can’t be prosecuted or even convicted for writing bad checks or theft through deception.

online loan

Online loans

if you are getting online loans, do check it out if the out-of-state loans are legal in your state. The company must not break the law by giving you the loan where it was prohibited.

Consultation with lawyers

You must not trust anyone who guides you about the loans and the payouts. Always consult a lawyer for trustworthy information. Some lawyers guide you even for free of cost. They will guide you in a proper way along with the rules and regulations associated with the payouts and loans etc.


Never let the collectors to bully you and always search for the law. None of the cops will knock you at the door and nobody will take you to the court. If you are threatened by anyone about such things, just ignore them. But keep in mind that you have to pay back the loan anyway. Don’t take it that easy. You have taken their money so you can be sued in the civil court. They can then add interest, fines and your property is also at risk. So if you lack money, just borrow it from somewhere and pay them back.

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