Stop Wrong Number Collection Calls

People are always feeling disturbance from debt collector calls if they are actually be indebted. However, sometime debt collector is merely harassing a person, or ask about any other person like former room-mate or a person not knowing you. In this case, these calls might consider as wrong number calls. Moreover, there might be some other calls for which a person not interested to attend these.

Wrong Number Calls

Wrong Number Calls

Mostly, when people received calls from an unknown wrong number, just reply and tell not to call again is considered as enough. However, this is not the case every time that work accordingly. Every debt collector suggested that to harassing a person for collection of debt is usually wastage of time.

Auto Dialing Operators

Some bill collection companies mostly have automatic computerized dialing system. Whenever, a phone number is entered in the computer due to someone’s debt, it will receive the calls again and again from the auto dialer. This might happens if phone number was remained in the use of another person or wrongfully entered in the computer. There are many options available to discontinue these types of calls.

Checking of Credit Reports

People should check their credit reports from the available sources and make sure that there no wrongful debt has been reported. If there is any error found in it then must report to the credit bureau for its correction.

Moreover, any unrecognized debt can raise the complicated problem of identity theft. Now, again go back to the stopping of calls in this respect.

Report to a Supervisor

People should tell the caller normally that it is a wrong number. If anyone received again the calls from that number, then must inform to the supervisor about FDCPA violation. Mostly, people are acting in defensive mode when dealing with the debt collectors. Be confident and explain the situation to the supervisor. People must request to stop that wrong number calls and report about the real debt contractor that you have not any concern with him.

Block the Wrong Numbers

People should tell to the phone service providing company about the harassing and repeated calls. Some companies have the facility of number blocking, so that may assist anyone to block the particular number. If anyone has the new number, then he can change it easily to avoid from these wrongful calls.

Removing Number from Call List

Wrong Number Collection Calls

If a person have not any concern with the real debt contractor and do not owe money, then must clearly inform to the debt collector in the proper way. In this respect, people should contact to debt collector and request for removing their numbers from call list. However, it couldn’t work for the people who really owe the debt money.

Online Complain To the FCC

This is an online source that might also be helpful to stop the wrong number calls. This might not so beneficial personally. However, people can fill the online FCC form. It takes an action in case of so many complaints about a company.

Look For Legal Help from State’s Attorney General

State’s attorney general is usually busy in his routine work and may have not any time for your help. However, one can try to contact with state’s attorney general for possible legal help to stop the illegal harassing calls.

Jokes and Play Games

Sometime, people are playing to answer the wrong number calls with jokes and blowing of air horns into the phone receiver. However, it is not the best way to stop the wrong number calls. This was not convinced to the debt collector and he may suggest this as denying of owing money.

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