How many multiple social security number you have?

If you are an american citizen then this is a very important question for you that how many social security numbers you have? It is a surprising analysis result that 6.1% of american citizens have a minimum of two social security numbers that are assigned to their names and a those who have five or more social security numbers asoociated with them are hundred thosands.

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ID Analytics Reports:

Not only this their are a lot of these types of surprising ID Analytics reports from which these are just two. According to the Social Security Online FAQ’S, since November 1936, 420 millions numbers out of 1,000,000,000 possible Social Security Numbers has been issued and this statement is error free.

My Experience:

A few years ago I just experienced that, when i got my second social security number after having a little error in key. When the error occured, it takes a little time to fix with the credit bureaus and the problm was that someone typed a 0 instead of 6 of his key and as a result bureaus assigned me a second social security number.

It seems as much simple to get a second number as i think that bureaus don’t care of this.

Is it Legal?

You can see in your mind’s eye other systems where people are logged in a database but social security numbers is not a legal obligation. social security numbers can be re-issued after death, so unless your system is frequently concentrated effort out data for people who are deceased, the chance of duplicates is there.


And finally, many of your consumers or users might not have a social security number, because they are from another country that does not have a comparable; or, worse yet, they are from another country that does have an equivalent system, and their number is already represent in your system.

Is it safe?

Just by replacing a digit, you can access a duplicate number, then how could you say that it is safe. As far as, its importance concerns, i should be highly secure but bureaus don’t take much care of this, so it is not safe.

Safety Measure:

if it is not safe, then we have to introduce any technique which make it safe. This indicates the importance of holding tabs in your credit report that you can see annually. Several times multiple errors can conclude honest results and sometimes it can be fraud case. Setting tab on credit report will guide you to maintain it as soon as possible.

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