The Good And Bad Of Credit Cards

Prepaid Credit Cards have been used for a long time by people who are conscious about their expenditures and have a considerable credit history. There are no such limits arranged in the use since the cash is what the user loads on it him/herself. Despite there are certain differences between the prepaid credit and other cards but it counts same as a credit card for a retailer at times of bad credit.  Based on the differences how credit is being handled off-screen and the regular use among customers, certain advantages and disadvantages have been columned which are as follows:

Prepaid Visa Debit Card

Pros of Prepaid Credit Card:

  • The best part is one can maintain a monthly budgeting. User can load certain amount of money for expenditure and credit facility can be used for extra money used.
  • Since there is no credit limit, there is no tension of credit scoring as well. It is for sure that the application will be approved, no matter how worse the credit score is of the user.
  • One more great facility of reservations is realized when the user needs a hotel reservation or repairing of car, this prepaid credit card is helps most, by no credit check.
  • With the use of prepaid credit card, there are no interests charged. Though the charges are already exceeded by 15%.
  • Prepaid Credit Card has no debt issue. Since the user him/her self load personal money, so if there is debt built it is not a huge problem.

Prepaid Credit Cards

Cons of Prepaid Credit Card

  • Charges/fees are charged on the user of prepaid credit card for loading money, or activating an account. After all a whole business is running behind it.
  • Credit limit has good and bad part both. Having no credit limit does not help the user in emergencies.
  • Where there is no worry of credit score, there is no chance of credit score advancement as well. As there is no credit reporting because providers do not inform credit references agencies.
  • Quick access of money may not possible, as the money loaded on card by user may not appear instantly.
  • New ranges of prepaid credit cards may not be familiar to every merchant. Most of them don’t know about newly use of prepaid credit cards.

Anyhow, prepaid credit cards are good for those who are too loose at handling their own money and expenditure. Prepaid credit cards are best help for the customers who have bad credit history and are going through bad financial times. Thus prepaid credit cards are credit cards for bad credit.

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