Top 5 Most Exclusive Credit Cards

Now-a-days, consumers receive bad loans through credit cards.  This has got an incredible issue in most of the developed countries. Therefore, banks are thinking of some credit cards that are richer or strongly credit worthy. The phenomenon for highly exclusive credit cards is growing rapidly, which may include all the products customers can access. For instance, private jets and personal shopping services on which thousands of dollars can be spent using their plastic.

 Exclusive Credit card

There are many types of the credit cards relating to the status, values and style of the customers. However, there are six most exclusive of them which have really impressed people worldwide.

1. American Express Centurion or Black

The most popular of the exclusive credit cards is the Black Amex, it signifies the business and there is no need for upgrades on Virgin, Delta and other airlines and special treatment when you stay at luxury hotels. Also, it’s made out of aerospace grade titanium, which is a very new fashion.

The only task is you need to be earning $250k, even if you want to make any use out of the personal shopper at any highly branded label they offer and you can earn much with lowest difficulties.

2. Coutts’ Purple World MasterCard Signia Card

The design of the Centurion is simple against Signia. It has been designed by the well-known fashion types named as “Oswald Boeteng”. It’s purple, perhaps a little impressive yet useful. It has been used by its owners to get last minute tickets to the champions’ league delivered to their door.

3. Bank of America’s Accolades Card

America accolades card

The Accolade card experiences its early stages trying their best to expel Centurion from the wallets of the rich and famous. Its benefits are: it has got the usual, ticket upgrades, restaurant reservations and hotel service. While it’s very impressive but it has not secured the standard like other cards offer. It’s exclusive but looks cheaper than others.

4. Citibank Ultima

Citibank Ultima is a distinctive black credit card for the people who see a platinum card as not quite good enough. It’s an invitation which gets people a discount on your private jet hire. If you are in Singapore they will let you borrow the Ultima 80ft Yacht. Also, as a substantial payment made by an employer they will give you a Bang & Olufsen stereo, which is better than a kick in the teeth.

5. Stratus Rewards Visa

It is one of the exclusive cards which are the most simple of black. But it resists the trend the Stratus has gone a little iPod with a plain white design. However, it’s so exclusive that no one can believe whether it’s still available.

6. The Dubai First Royal MasterCard

This is a card which is decorated with diamond, but it is mostly handed over to the special enlightened people of United Arab Emirates. Hence you have to be an oil baron or unlucky otherwise.

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