Getting Car Loan with No-Credit

No-credit or bad credit isn’t a problem anymore while applying for a car loan. No- credit check lenders don’t even look at the credit history. Students, who barely earn extra to pay for a car and don’t have long credit histories, are the target market of companies offering no-credit car loans. It also caters the market of bankrupt, unemployed and freshly divorced people who have a bad credit history and now need a car to start a new job.

Strike a Deal

A co-signer is a bad idea while getting a loan, specially this kind of loan. No credit check has made it possible for a college student to get loan without requiring a co-signer.

Strike a Deal

This type of no-credit check auto loan companies and brokers are easily accessible through Internet. If you go online and apply for car loan, your loan gets approved easily and you can purchase a car from any dealer in your area.

Dealers can also get cars from other lots, so, after striking a deal and getting pre-approval of loan, you must not assume buying exactly what’s on the dealers’ lot.

You also have an option for going for a Private party dealing in no-credit car loans. There are different lists and newspaper classified sections available that contain the information regarding such loans and companies. If you are looking for such type of loan, even then you can go online and search for a private party no-credit car loans and will get the results.

High Risk and Interest for No-credit Car Loans

As the companies do not run a credit check, they are taking more risk and they’ll have to pay for that. No credit car loans have a higher percentage of interest rate, and the private parties’ sales are even higher then buying via a dealer who has one or two points higher percentage.

You might sometimes end up purchasing at much better deals from an individual, where you might save more in the long-run.

Bad Credit

Car Loan with No Credit

Bad credit is something you need to have while applying for the car loan. Dealers won’t tell you that your credit is good enough to get a loan from somewhere else at much cheaper rates. They will be selling one of their loans to you.

You must have a credit report’s copy carrying no mistake that proves your credit to be much worse than it already is. You can also get a copy of your credit history for few dollars from one of the big three credit bureaus. An estimate of credit scores can also be obtained from credit karma which is free.

If your credit is too bad for a cheaper loan than you can consider asking someone to co-sign who has a better credit. For a college student who do not have a credit history or income yet, can have his parents co-sign the deal and if he defaults than obviously the co-signer will have to pay but if the co-signer trusts him than he could save some money.

Saving Some Extra Money

When getting loan from a no-credit check lender than try to borrow less amount, as it will have a low interest rate every month and you will save in the long run by paying less. This way you can built your credit history and improve credit scores so that you get loan at much cheaper rates.

For someone who can afford but is unable to get loan because of poor credit history, no-credit check loan is the best thing for him. When you realize that you are paying for the service, you can refinance something cheaper or pay the loan off as soon as possible.


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