How to Write an IOU Note

IOU that is the abbreviation of I owe you, is actually an informal document for the acknowledgment of debts. It is normally written in the event when you are going to lend some amount of money to anyone that could be your relative, friend or anyone. You write this informal document to keep it as a proof of loan agreement and when you to get that lending amount back from the borrower by a specific time.

How to Write an IOU Note

Steps to Write an IOU Document

If you want to write an IOU and don’t know how to write it then follow the steps given below.

Specify what is being borrowed?

First of all, while writing an IOU document you should clearly highlight the object which you are lending and if it is a particular amount of money then also specify the exact amount which you have lent.

Specify the Repayment Deadline

You should specify the deadline of the loan repayment in that IOU document.

It is necessary because it will save you from any hassle while getting your item back from the borrower.

Sign the Document

After specify all these things in an IOU document, make sure you have carefully gone through it and after that it’s the time to sign this document.

Take the Borrower’s Signature


Ask the borrower to sign this document. It is an important part of this document and make sure you don’t forget to take the signatures of the borrower.

Involve a Witness

As it is an informal document and does not involve any legal attorney and legal process, so it is advisable to you to involve any witness. It will be beneficial for you in the event if the borrower denies repaying or returning you the borrowed item or money.

Useful Tip

It is recommended to you to provide a ditto of this informal to the borrower and also keep a ditto with you. You can also keep a scanned copy of IOU with you.


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