4 Steps to Obtain a Mortgage Loan

Are you considering taking out a mortgage seriously? If yes then have you checked your credit report for errors and mistakes? If not then you should check it before taking out mortgage. Carefully go through your credit report and check the pay off and closing of your credit cards. After checking these things, you can now shop around for mortgage loan. There are certain important steps that you should consider to get pre-approval for your mortgage.

Pre-Qualification Process for Mortgage

Mortgage Application

In order to get pre-approval for your mortgage loan, you have to meet the potential lender and provide the information regarding your assets, finances like your earnings, and liabilities. On the basis of the information which you have provided to your lender, he/she will make a rough calculation about how much you are likely to take out. This is not the formal process, but it will be giving you an idea about how much you are able to get on your mortgage. You cannot get the verified information from your lender and they cannot charge you any fee to make this informal calculation. You should also not forget that your lender will not formally agree to provide you a mortgage with the amount for which you have got pre-qualification.

Since the pre-qualification process doesn’t confirm you the approval of your mortgage, it only gives you an overall idea about how much amount of money your lender is willing to lend you. This informal process will help you to take the right decision regarding your mortgage. You will also be able to shop for properties that will be affordable for the amount of mortgage you qualify for.

Pre-Approval Process for Mortgage

This process is slightly more formal than the one discussed above. In this process, your lender checks your credit history, verifies your employment status and financial position, and they check your eligibility for the mortgage loan. Pre-approval indicates that you are in a strong position and you can buy the property which you want to have. Sellers usually show more interest in the applications from the candidates having pre-approval.

This is because it shows that borrowers having pre-approval can afford to buy that particular property.

Lender Selection

You can take mortgage from a variety of sources like banks, mortgage brokers, and real-estate agents. It is an undeniable reality that there is no single source that offers the ideal solution for every borrower. The only way to sign the best deals is to get the insight about each lender and realize the advantages and disadvantages associated with all of the available lenders.

Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage Brokers

These brokers are the busiest type of mortgage helpers. These brokers have access to a great number of mortgage givers and they carry out market research on the behalf of the borrower. These brokers charge a certain amount of fee that can be costly sometimes. Make sure you know what they are charging in exchange of their services.


Banks are the conventional source of mortgage financing. You can sign a mortgage agreement with your local bank if it is offering you good interest rate and feasible terms. The main downside of working with banks is that they only offer a limited number of mortgage plans. You may also find banks inflexible towards fee negotiation.

Real Estate Agents

These agents are playing an important role mortgage lending, as they help potential buyers to get in touch with mortgage lenders. Working with real estate agents offers the same limitation that is found with banks i.e., they offer limited options of vendors along with high costs.

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