A Solar-Powered Home Can Pay You Back More

The advantages of solar power systems are palpable in lower electricity bills, reduced carbon dioxide emission and adding value to the homes. To follow is an overview of how much these advantages cost.Solar Panels are based on photovoltaic solar technology. PV solar cells are the solar modules or sometimes called as solar panels form the major portion of the initial costs which a buyer has to bear.

Solar Powered House

Solar panels price is based on the power rating provided by the manufacturer but it has to be kept in mind that the average usable time is around 20% of the total life time of the solar cells. But that is not always true as there are numerous factors which are involved in the total output of the solar panels.

Initial Costs

As mentioned earlier the solar module forms the bulk of the total initial costs of the entire system to be installed. Other expenses are inverter, batteries, metering equipment, labor costs and various casing and wiring expenses. In a grid tied solar system there is no need for batteries as excess electricity is fed to the grid for which the utility company pays.

Operation and Maintenance Costs

These costs come after the installation is done and run for the life time of the system.  For getting the maximum power solar panels have to be maintained by regular cleansing. Batteries and inverters have to be replaced after a few years.

Rebates Available

The above mentioned costs can easily be calculated; however there are many incentive and subsidies which the government is providing in order to encourage the use of solar power. The related information can be obtained from federal or state government’s website or from the promoters of solar power.

Suitable Location

In order to take full advantage of the solar power systems, it should be placed where it can receive maximum sun rays. If you are located near the equator then solar panels are an ideal option.

Roof top fixed solar panels should be facing south without any hindrance in the sun rays’ path. The solar panels can also be mounted on rotating stands in order to maximize the reception of sun rays.

Peak Hour Rates

A Solar-Powered Home Can Pay You Back More

In order to reap the benefits of supplying electric power to the grid during peak hours the utility should offer higher rates otherwise the advantage would be minimal as you will be getting only the usual average rate. But usually residential customers are offered flat rates and thus you can’t save a lot during the peak hours. Therefore if a solar panel is installed in your home, then ask the company to offer you the tariff plan which charges you with the tiered rates.

Value Addition to the House

Finally another advantage of the solar panel is the obvious increase in value of the house where solar panels are installed. The trend of going green is becoming a status symbol. If some body wants to buy a solar power installed home he would be financed via mortgage.


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