How to Choose a PIN Number

PINs are the Personal Identification Numbers. They are the security features that help you to protect your information and money. They are also called PIN numbers. It is extremely important that your PIN number is a good strong one and easy for you to remember. It is advisable that you follow a particular system in setting a good PIN number for yourself. If you do not, then you might not have a safe PIN. One thing you should never do is write down the PIN number somewhere as it is extremely unsafe.

Multiple PINs:

Multiple PINs

Security experts worldwide suggest that you should not be using the same PIN number for multiple accounts. It is a wise advice because if the PIN number gets discovered, then all of your accounts will be in danger. However, with multiple PIN numbers, you will not be facing such a problem.

Writing Down the PINs:

It is suicidal to write down the PIN number somewhere in order to remember it. The worst thing you can do is write it down on the very thing that it is supposed to protect, like a credit or debit card. If the card is stolen, then you have made the thief’s job easier by handing the PIN to him yourself.

Longer PINs:

It is always a good idea to keep a longer PIN number if you have the choice. You can get a wide variety of combinations to use for longer numbers. A longer PIN will be stronger and safer.

The Word Method:

You can set your PIN according to a system in order to remember it better. One system is the word method.

You can set your PIN number by creating it from a word. For that, think of a word and remember the numbers and letters on your cell phone. However, such PINs can be broken down by automated hacking systems.

The Cell Phone Contact Method:

Some people use a creative idea to remember their PIN number. They create a fake contact on their cell phones and the PIN is that person’s phone number. However, this idea can backfire if you lose your data, or forget your mobile at home, or get a dead battery.

The Date Method:

The Date Method

You can use the date method to set a PIN number. You can pick a significant date and make your PIN number with the help of that. The date could be your birthday, as it is in most cases. However, that method can backfire. Anybody who knows you personally will be able to put the pieces together and guess the PIN number. The best thing is to mix the dates together. That would make the PIN stronger.

The Addition Method:

The addition method is a bit too simple to be worked out. However, you can make it more complex fir it to be useful. You can add numbers to a number that is easily remembered by you. Make sure that the base number is a difficult one to be found out. This system will only work if get a little creative in choosing the numbers.

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