How to Get Quick Approval for a Mortgage

For those who have never ventured into the field of asking for loans, it seems like an easy task. You will never think twice about getting a mortgage once you have decided to buy a home. However, the reality is in stark contrast. Lenders will not hand over the loans easily. Giving away such a large amount of money is no plain task. You will have to show that you deserve it.

Chances are that your application for a mortgage might be rejected a few times. Well, it is time you do something about it. Find out how you can turn that rejection into an approval.

Wait for the Right Moment:

Wait for the Right Moment

The attitudes of lenders change with change in conditions. You should wait if the conditions are not favouring you in terms of house market, economy or the lending business. You should let the conditions get better and wait it out. The lenders will be more generous when you apply in the right conditions.

While waiting, you should work hard to increase your savings. You should also reduce your debt and improve your credit score.


You will be denied a loan if your income isn’t high enough. To solve this issue, you can get a co-signer with enough disposable income. The co-signer basically acts as a guarantee to your lender that you will pay your mortgage on time.

Getting a co-signer may be easy but you should both fully understand what you are getting into. There are financial and legal obligations. If you default on your mortgage, then the co-signer may be asked by the lender to pay the full amount of the debt. Also, the co-signer’s credit score will also take a plunge along with yours.

You should avoid getting a co-signer if you are not sure you will be able to make the monthly payments. You should go for this option if there is some source of income that the lender is not willing to consider. It might be a side business you have started that is now making profits for you.

Less-Expensive Property:

If you are not getting a loan for the property you have in mind, you would do well to switch to a less expensive one.

A Different Lender:


Do not lose heart by the rejection you faced from the first lender. You should go for more options. Maybe the next one will say yes. However, if many of the lenders refuse the loan then you will have to improve your financial situation.

Another important thing is to make sure that you do not let the lender know you are desperate for a loan. Beware of the loan sharks.

Ask For An Exception:

You can ask the lender for an exception. For this, you will need a very strong case for asking for an exception. Stick to the facts when writing the application.

Team Up:

It might b a good idea to team up with a trusted family member or friend to ensure that you can afford the mortgage. For this, both of you will have to contribute towards making the monthly payments. And of course, live together in that new house.

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