Ten Deadly Sins of Home Buyers

When you are buying your first home, many things can go wrong. In all the excitement, you can make simple mistakes. To avoid these mistakes, it is important that you get a good idea about what to expect. The knowledge will help you in making all the right decisions.

Know What You Can Afford:

Know What You Can Afford

It is extremely important that you realize what your total budget is. You should have a very clear idea about how much you can spend on a house. There is a difference between what the bank says you can afford and what you know yourself. Calculate the total expenses and find your range. This will make sure that you are not looking at houses out of your price range.

Additional Expenses:

Never make the mistake of ignoring all the additional expenses that you will have. These include the property taxes, maintenance costs, repairs and insurance against disasters. All of these additional expenses should be in your mind always.

Mortgage Qualification:

You should always get approved for a loan first before making any offer for purchasing a house. You never know how much the bank is willing to lend you. The figures may be quite different from what you were expecting. So it is better to clear that up before starting the purchase offers. You might end up wasting the seller’s and the agent’s time otherwise.

Picky in Choosing:

First time home buyers mostly make the mistake of expecting too much from their first home. That is okay as long as you are ready to be flexible. You will have to compromise on some areas because of the limited funds.

Getting Tricked:

The sellers can play with your emotions with the help of just a few upgrades and cosmetic fixes. The house’s physical appeal will increase but you should be careful not to be swept away.

You might end up paying a lot more money than needed otherwise. First time homebuyers should look for houses they can add value to. In this way, you have a chance of moving up the property ladder.


It is going to be very difficult to find a house fulfilling all your requirements. Decide which are your priorities and then compromise on the lesser ones. You can always do the upgrades yourself at some late time. It will be cheaper than paying extra to the seller for upgrades he has done.

Inspecting the House:

Inspecting the House

It is very important that you inspect the house yourself before closing the deal. You need to get a first-hand idea about what shape the house is in. Only then can you be sure that your money is being spent well.

Important Things:

Keep track of the things that are most important to you. Never compromise on them. Make sure they are high priority. You can always compromise on stuff that isn’t too important to you.

Hiring an Agent:

It is advisable that you hire an agent. It will definitely work out best if you have a professional at your side.


Always give a moment to think about the future of the neighborhood. You should carefully evaluate all the details and then decide if it is the best place to live in.

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