IO Loans and Mortgages

The Interest only or the IO loans are of the greatest benefit to the first-time homeowners or borrowers. More specifically speaking, the IO has the greatest benefit to the lenders and borrowers as they become qualified for those mortgages, they are usually not allowed to finance homes with.

According to various definitions, these loans are made by making small payments per month and are different as compared to the standard loans that are conventional and principal-repaying. Overall, these loans are a great benefit to first-time homeowners or borrowers as it acts as an increase in the disposable income of the individuals.

However, these loans also hold a certain amount of risk in them provided the borrowers mismanage their finances. Below are the types of financing that may affect the borrower’s fiscal situation.

IO Mortgage:

IO Mortgage

To start with, the IO mortgages do not really require a payment of principle, which means that it is much lower than a comparable principle repaying the mortgage. Furthermore, it is also apparent that the proceeds made to further allow the borrowers to reach for larger loans than the comparable conventional mortgage.

As for the interest rate, it is usually higher than the conventional mortgage. With the higher interest, the IO loans also become a recipient to a high level of default risk than conventional loans. Furthermore, some circumstances might as well present defaults on an IO mortgage where the lenders may have more to lose as compared to the other.

IO Loan:

For the sake of comparison, the current situation will require an IO loan that excludes a principal repayment period.


From an advantageous domain, the IO manages to aloe the borrower to determine the right and achievable amount of equity that is bound to be accumulated over the period.

These are thus, one of the cheapest sources that provides capital. Through IO, the cost of short term borrowings can be reduced significantly as these loans are usually a part f the financial plan.


If the individuals are intent on hindering equity collection in their homes, then relying on the IO alone is one of the best decisions they can ever make. Therefore, it so happens that the borrower is usually paying a much higher amount of interest than what he initially hoped for. All this is usually happened to a highly undisciplined borrower who plans to make increasingly large principal payments over his lifetime.

Ideal Borrowers:

Ideal Borrowers

Usually, the recipient of such a loan is a young individual that becomes a first time owner. However, they are bound to turn into heaps of problems, which mean, that these loans are suitable for those professionals who have unpredictable incomes. These earnings come with a variable component that is adequate for this type of loan.


Therefore, it is safe to say that IO loans are those where the lender has to be highly cautious. Furthermore, the amount of caution is too asserted when the underwriting, carried out as the weight of the risk and rewards is determined.

From a borrower’s perspective, the IO has some major advantageous. The first is the shield from the unexpected reductions in income. This loan thus protects the borrower by suspending principal payments periodically.

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