Importance of Mortgage Appraisals in Lending Process

It is very important for borrower who is applying for any loan to estimate his property present value and for the lender who is lending loan. This estimation is very important because in considering this estimation a borrower will come to know that whether his loan will be accepted by bank or not and for the lender as well. Mortgage appraisals can be used for this purpose.

They guide lenders by estimating the value of borrower’s property that whether lending loan to that borrower is a risk or not. So now day’s most of the banks are hiring mortgage appraisals to guide the bank about the present value of borrower’s property such as house. So now day’s a large number of banks are offering mortgage appraisals jobs so anyone who is expert in this field can join these banks in order to guide these lending companies.



An appraisal is a comprehensive report that determines the value of borrower’s property. This report depends on various factors including age, area, neighboring area and condition of the property so if a property is in good condition so that means lenders will have no issue while lending loan to a borrower. If property is in a very bad shape then lending companies will never lend loan to borrower so in other words mortgage appraisals secures lending company’s from any kind of loss.

Advisor Help

A borrower should contact any advisor before applying for any loan to estimate his property’s value in order to borrow loan against that property. This will save time of a borrower because an expert will guide borrower about the value of borrower’s property.

A person can also estimate his property recent value by comparing with value of his neighboring properties value by doing this he will come to know that whether he is in strong position to borrow a loan or not.

Impression’s Worth

Impression’s Worth

It also depends on mortgage appraisal or lender’s mode that whether a borrower mode that whether you will get loan against your property or not. So a person should try his level best to impress lender by showing only positive side of his property so by doing this mortgage appraisal will be in his favor and he can get loan easily and use it for any purpose. So a borrower should be able to convince lender and his justification in order to get loan against property.

So if a lender is not impressed with the present condition of house and a borrower has any doubt about mortgage appraisal report ask lender to recheck report. So lender may order another mortgage appraisal and hire another company for this purpose. It is wise step that buyer should ask lender to appoint a state licensed appraiser for free fare process.


Now days there are many mortgage appraisals in the market and some of them are not doing their job honestly. They sometimes estimates low price of house as comparison to original value of that property so it is better for person to estimate the value of his house from any expert before applying loan.

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