Advantages of Unsecured Bank Loans

Unsecured bank loan means there is no security offered against the borrowing in case of default.  Unsecured loans are available for businesses as well as individuals.  For a lender this type of loan is a big risk and for that reasons rates of interest are also high in unsecured bank loans to cover the higher amount of risk involved. There are lots of formalities involved in the unsecured bank loan agreement as lender feel himself in a very shaky position if loan remains unpaid.

How Banks scrutinized the Unsecured Loans

Banks Scrutnized the Unsecured Loans


Mostly the financial institutions and banks offers lowest amount a person or a business ever borrowed when they apply for unsecured loans to reduce the risk of default.  Banks and financial institutions prefer low risk and low profit approach as they are happy in offering secured loans on low-interest rates as compare to unsecure loans on higher rates. The basic reason for that approach is mostly these institutions are publicly owned and the management have to answer the questions of stock holders.

Unsecured Loans Are High Risk Transaction

As the unsecured bank loans are considered as high risk transaction and mostly this facility is available for customers who have strong credit and borrowing history and they have much higher monthly income as compare to their monthly installments. On the other hand from borrower’s point of view, they always feel happy for applying and getting an unsecured loan. Even on much more higher rates borrowers prefer unsecured loans

Debt to Income Ratio in Unsecured Loans

The most important thing which banks consider before offering unsecure loan is the total debt against total income ratio during scrutinizing process. Having strong credit history is not enough to qualify an insecure loan as long as you do not have strong debt to income ration as well. Most of the banks preferred that 40 percent of monthly income is going to repay the debt is enough. More than forty percent placed in danger zone.

Reasons for Seeking Unsecured Loans

Unsecured Bank Loans


Mostly small business owners ask for unsecured loans. The main reason behind this fact is they do not have something to offer for security. For borrower it is very crucial that they should analyze and calculate the debt to income ratio and credit history before applying an unsecured bank loan.

How to Find the Perfect Offer of Unsecured Bank Loan

To find a credit company or bank who offers unsecured loan, the internet is best option in recent times. One can look what company and bank offers and what are the basic formalities by just sitting in his office instead of going and visiting different financial institutions. After doing initial research on internet one can shortlist the banks and institutions and then visit to negotiate further. Keep in mind that banks are always ready to offer loans to those individuals and businesses who maintain their debt with responsibility and in a calculated manner.

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