Multifamily Loans to Purchase a Multi-Family Home

Posted on 16 April 2012

Multifamily loans provide an online loan facility for individuals to purchase a multifamily home. Different types of lenders including conduits, insurance, banks, private lenders, real estate investors and pensions companies etc provide assistance in multifamily loans.

Properties Of Multifamily Loans

Multifamily properties may include mobile home parks, apartments and living space for two or more inhabitants. Inhabitants should have separate living space and private entrance.

Commercial Lending Rules

Commercial lending rules applied on multifamily loans properties with more than four units. Many lending options are advertised by lenders with a wide range of terms. Higher interest rate is charged for multifamily loans as compared to single family loans.

Qualifying For Multifamily Loans

Individuals those who want to acquire and qualify for a multifamily loan must fill out online pre-qualifying application form over the internet. Some lenders advertise interest rate, other terms and conditions as pre-qualifying approvals. Applicants must download and continue some documents provided by the lender at the time of pre-qualifying approval. Multifamily loans processed during the period of 30 to 45 days.

Document Requirements

Some documents are required by borrowers for further processing of multifamily loans.

These standard documents may include financial statements, corporate papers, rent rolls, recent appraisal, tax returns, title policy, bank statements of three months and survey for property.


Lenders review documents, set terms, rates and conduct the performance appraisal. Underwriting deals with review and issue conditions. Commitment letter is signed and supplied to the borrower with required documents. Contracts close when all documentation is completed and approved by both parties (lenders and borrowers).

Low Doc Programs

Quality of property and value of ratios cause variations in interest rates of a loan. It may include closing fees in the form of standard costs, title search fees, survey costs and legal fees. Multifamily loans provide options of “low doc” programs that require low documentation, paperwork and verification.

Hard Money Lending

Low doc programs carry high interest rates and lending remains stable at fixed rates. Rates can be higher as compared to adjustable rate. Another option of lending is a hard money. Approval of hard money requires real estate equity with high interest rate and fees at short terms.

God’s Blessing

Individuals who want to enjoy more profits should make an online search about multifamily loans and research all options. Borrower must be grateful to God for new home and must share it as a blessing.

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