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7 mysteries about ATM Machines

If you have used ATMs for considerable time, you must be aware of those unsolved mysteries that you never quite understand about ATM Machines. Some of them are plain funny curiosities while other are really strange and we all need to know the answers to them.

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Cash for Salary In Advance

Payday Cash Advance service is offered by most financial institutions. Many employed people prefer using this service if their salary checks are delayed. A Payday Cash Advance service may come handy in a crisis situation where the consumer needs to make immediate payments. However, a consumer should also study all aspects of this service in detail.

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How to Choose a PIN Number

Setting the right PIN number is extremely important for the protection of your money and information. You can follow a few tips to help you in choosing the right PIN and also to hlp you remember the PIN easily.

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How to Make ATM Deposits?

You can now deposit the cash or checks with the help of ATM’s. It will make your lives easier. Some people don’t feel comfortable to use ATM for deposits, as they are unaware of its use. There are some simple steps involved in making the deposits through ATM.

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What do you know about ATM?

An ATM (Automatic or Automated Teller Machine) is a name given to a computerized machine which is designed to dispense cash to bank customers without any requirement of human interaction. The ATM is also programmed to perform the functions of taking deposits, transferring money between…

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Debit Cards Quickly Becoming the Plastic of Choice for Americans

It has been reported by Visa Inc that consumers are spending more money on debit cards than with credit cards now. It was reported by Visa that in 2008, consumers spent $206 billion on Visa debit cards. This figure is slightly higher than the $203 billion which has been spent using Visa credit cards by the consumers during the same year.

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How Many Credit Cards Should I have

When we are talking about credit cards, I advise you to keep more than one credit card as it will  beneficial to hold more than one credit cards, then to rely on a single credit card for all your purchases. Perhaps one of the most important reasons to carry multiple credit cards is that in […]

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How much do you save with Refinancing?

It is a commonly asked question in today’s real estate market that how much I can save with refinancing. After that the Obama Mortgage Bailout Plan will begin to take effect at the beginning of March it has now become even more important to know that what will be the benefits of refinancing.

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Why to Use a Prepaid Debit Card Instead of a Credit Card?

Prepaid debit cards are now issued by most credit card companies, such as Visa, American Express and MasterCard.This card works almost similar to a prepaid phone card.

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Credit, ATM and Debit Cards: what to do if they are stolen or lost

ATM, Credit and debit cards provide a convenient and easy way to use money without the hassle of carrying a great amount of cash in hand. In case the cards are stolen or lost, The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) and the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) provide the procedures to act upon.

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