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Category | Balance Transfer

How to Choose Free Balance Transferring Credit Cards?

Many companies and banks are providing credit cards and debit cards to facilitate their costumers. They charge different charges, on the facilities provided by those cards. So always try your best to find out the best option that suits you according to your usage.

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Low Interest Credit Cards for Balance Transfers

Low interest credit card transfers are lucrative offers posed by credit companies to get more customers. Though they do provide the initial free of charge credit card use, after the introductory period ends, there is a hefty rate of interest charged. So consumers have to be very careful about the choices that they make.

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What Is 0% Balance Transfer

The article explains clearly what is a 0% balance transfer and how it helps you in repaying credit debts.

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Credit Card Balance Transfer

Opening a new credit card apparently seems to be a smart idea, especially when mounting credit card debt are in front. Anyhow in one condition, it makes sense and saves you a lot of money. This particular exception is a credit card balance transfer and it’s available to anyone with a mailbox and social security number.

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Top 4 Reasons Of Family Loan Rejection

Family loan approval is difficult task. There is a lengty process to get your family loan approved. Here are some great tips to get family loan approval.

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Affect of Balance Transfers on Your Credit Score

A great way to pay your debt off faster is to transfer balances with high interest rates to a credit card offering a lower interest rate (or a 0% interest balance transfer offer). You also save money in the process. Although this offer is very attractive but still there are few things to consider before that you rush into the next balance transfer offer…

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Balance Transfer Checks – A way to save Money

This is the season for credit card offers! Particularly from November till February there is always an increase in marketing from credit cards that you already have, specifically if you haven’t been using them in awhile. In your mailbox you may find a balance transfer offer that is sent to you from one of the credit cards you already have. The most attractive balance transfer offers are…

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How to Avoid any Balance Transfer Mistakes?

This is a fact that many people don’t realize that the lender making such an unbelievable offer wouldn’t be doing so if they are not getting any financial benefit from it. Of course such companies are not working as non-profit organizations. They know that those people who are in need to transfer their balance usually don’t pay attention to the terms and condition of…

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Managing Your Cards: Guide to Read Your Monthly Statements – Part 1

I can describe Credit card statements as the ultimate math-class word problem. If there is one thing wrong and the bad mark will stay with you for a long time on your credit report.

For making it even more challenging, nearly every credit card posses a slightly different set of requirements and there is a little difference in your statement. So below I have explained all the different parts of card statements…

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Costs and Fees: When is a ‘Fixed’ Rate not Fixed?

Each card agreement is different from the other, so here I will answer your questions in a more general way. A card issuer has got the right to change the interest rate of your credit card account by giving a notice in writing to the cardholder. Being a cardholder you have the right to refuse the new rate but…

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