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FHA Home Improvement Financing Program

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The FHA program for financing home improvement is actually a group of programs that are offered by the U.S government to refresh the rundown of neighborhoods in cities across the United States. Besides these programs there are some other programs that are offered to improve the current living homes that are in rural areas. These programs are for both investors and homeowners and these programs are provided with low interest rates. Besides these loans there are some grant money offers that are offered by the federal government and this granted money are not required to repay. It’s better to go through all available loans programs before applying for any.


These programs are also taken and adopted by the government agency that is the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These programs that are given by FHA to HUD are executed by state or local housing authorities and sometime through non profit agencies. There are certain specific standards and requirements for each rehabilitation program that is offered by FHA and every individual has to fulfill these requirements to qualify for FHA home improvement program. Here is the detail and description of some main programs that are offered by HUD.

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Increase in Mortgage applications, Rates hit 6 month low

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Data from an industry group reported on Wednesday, that U.S. mortgage applications nudged higher last week,  as consumers showed a subdued reaction to the lowest interest rates in six months.


Interest rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages

It has been said by the Mortgage Bankers Association that interest rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages, which is the most widely used loan, fell for a sixth straight week. It continued to remain below the 5% level, which is widely viewed as a psychological tipping point.

Increase in seasonally adjusted index of mortgage applications

The MBA said that for the week to November 27 its seasonally adjusted index of mortgage applications increased 2.1% to 613.7. This index includes both purchase and refinance loans.

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MBA said Mortgage applications dip

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On Wednesday data from an industry group showed that U.S. mortgage applications dipped last week as interest rates on 30-year loans rose above 5%.

30-year fixed-rate mortgages

It has been said by the Mortgage Bankers Association that rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages, rose above 5% for the first time in four weeks after falling to a four-month low.


The 5% level is considered to be a psychological tipping point, and it has recently sparked a boom in refinancing.

Seasonally adjusted index of mortgage applications

The MBA said that its seasonally adjusted index of mortgage applications, in which both purchase and refinance loans are included, decreased 1.8 percent to 742.9 for the week to October 9 after touching its highest since the week ended May 22 in the previous week.

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Rise in Mortgage Applications as Rates Fall: MBA

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On Wednesday it has been said by  the Mortgage Bankers Association that large swings in mortgage rates over the past month have shown their result in the form of  “seesaw-like activity” in the volume of refinancing applications that has been filed by homeowners, while there has been a gradual increase in the applications to purchase homes.


According to the MBA’s weekly survey, for the week ended Aug. 14, applications to refinance existing home loans have rose to 6.9%, which is a reversal from the 7.2% drop that has been seen the week before.

There has been a rise in applications to finance the purchase of homes for the third week in a row, which is increasing a seasonally adjusted 3.9% from the week that has ended on Aug. 7.

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Homeowners save $3.4 billion in mortgage payments by refinancing last quarter

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Lately there was not much of anything that can make homeowners happy but now a new report from Freddie Mac finds has found that those Americans by whom their home loans have been refinanced during the second quarter of 2009 reduced their payments by $3.4 billion.


It has also been reported by the quarterly refinance report that half of homeowners who refinanced their mortgage have witnessed a fall of at least 20% in their interest rates.

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Fall in US Mortgage Applications As Refinancing Loses Steam

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On Wednesday, data from an industry group showed that for the first time in four weeks, U.S. mortgage applications fell, this has happened due to a drop in demand for home refinancing loans as interest rates jumped up.


Applications for loans to buy a home were flat which are considered as an early indicator of sales. Lack of interest for purchase loans does not bode well for the hard-hit U.S. housing market, which has been otherwise showing good signs that the housing market is gradually stabilizing.

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