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How to Write a Loan Application Letter (Sample Letter)

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Most people feel strange pain in stomach when they are asked to write a formal letter. Especially when you have to write a letter to your bank asking for a loan. These days most bank loan applications made using forms provided by bank. Still every now and then, bank managers might ask you to attach a cover letter along with your loan application.

In such a case, your bank loan application letter should be able to persuasive enough so that the bank manager or loan officer approves your loan. The Bank is mainly interested in knowing that you are trustworthy and your credit is good. They wan to know that you can afford to pay back the loan in time and you have ample resources in hand to pay back incase you lose your job etc.loan Application sample

It is a very good idea to keep the loan application letter simple and short. Yet it should include all the relevant facts. i.e. exact amount of loan you are requesting. Keeping it simple and to the point will help your loan office process your application more quickly.

Make sure you include everything bank needs to know i.e. attach documents like your salary slip, proof of earning, bank statements etc. We have included a sample letter below for your convenience. Please remember to modify it to suit your own requirements.

Sample Loan Letter

Dear [Bank Manager’s Name]

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