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Quick Cash Service:Instant Approval Loans

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Consumers who need immediate funding for personal or commercial needs can get Instant Approval Loans to fulfill this requirement. There is no limit on the people who may qualify on this type of a loan. Instant Approval Loans get approved easily and they are readily available for consumers. Interested people may research on the internet regarding the best Instant Approval Loan deal and lenders.

Instant Approval Loans – Quick Cash Options

Instant Approval Loans are unique in a way that consumers file-in their data on the internet/form, and the money is soon transferred to their bank account electronically. “Quick Cash” is the term attached to Instant Approval Loans and all consumers must be aware regarding terms and conditions of their quick loan. It must be kept in mind that all Instant Approval Loan companies operate differently and will have different terms and conditions.

Work With a Reputable Company – Choose Wisely

Borrowers must act with intelligence and enquire from the company of an agent regarding time frame of repayment and the interest rates charged on the loan.

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Rent to Own vs Own to Rent

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Buyers can purchase homes without having it being registered to their name. This type of financing is called real estate purchasing. This purchasing is often done when sellers find it difficult to sell or rent, or when purchasers have difficulties in qualifying for mortgages. Real estate investors use lease purchases to avoid a large capital investment. Although lease options are highly beneficial they come with great risk. Investors need to fully understand these risks before entering this field.

Real Estate Options:

Real Estate Options

A buyer can buy the option of buying a property at a later date. The price of the property charged is that which was when the agreement was signed. During the contract, the buyer rents the property and pays a rent higher-than-market rent. The additional money becomes a down payment. These investments become the first choice of investors when the number of houses on sale is more than the demand of the market, or when it is difficult applying for mortgage loan. Those being denied the mortgage, can use the lease purchase option and pay high rents. This can help in receiving the approval of underwriters in approving future mortgages. Investors can price property at a low a price and in the future jump up the price and sell it to another buyer.


Most of the options in real estate options are similar to one another. The purchaser pays the seller some amount, in other words, rents the asset for a certain period of time so as the buyer can buy the asset in the future. The price to be paid is negotiated at the current market value or a future value. The price is usually decided at the time of the contract signing. During the contract, the seller cannot sell the property to any other investor. However, if the buyer does not buy the property the seller can keep any additional money. The buyer can also sell his option to another buyer which is possible due to the fact, there is no holding title. Read the full story

Procedure to Terminate a House Purchase Agreement

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Selling of a house is not an easy process, but it can go even more difficult and costly, if the initial deal goes wrong. Again and again, buyers withdraw their deals at the last moments. There are some important things to take into consideration about late-stage exits. If you are planning to sell your house, consider certain significant points which can provide you protection in case of the failure of your deal.

Legal Procedures to Follow:

Legal Procedures to Follow

On the acceptance of the offer from the buyer regarding the sale of your home, the contract is signed between the two parties. All these things intimate the other buyers and real estate agents that the seller is finalizing his deal for the sale of the house. In order to complete the sale process, both the parties have to fulfill some other requirements as well such as the signing of certain important legal documents.

Buyers usually include some contingency clauses in the contract in order to benefit themselves. Such clauses include home inspection contingency, mortgage loan contingency, sale contingency, and appraisal contingency. If either of these clauses is not met, the buyer has the right to cancel the contract.

Consequences of Withdrawal of Deal:

When your home shifts from the status of “for sale” to “under contract”, most of the buyers start looking for other properties. On the withdrawal of your initial deal, you can not even attract those buyers, who will be able to fulfill the terms of the contract with in the stipulated time frame. Read the full story

Agent’s Sale Commissions

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Individuals, who are in the process of selling their homes, usually face the “for-sale-by-owner” or the listing agent options. However, there is a hybrid approach for them as well that seems to be much more beneficial.

The third choice for the sellers is a new approach as compared to the for-sale-by-owner sales method. In this approach, the seller only pays 2 or 3 percent commission, which means that the seller’s agent is far from the picture. The buyer’s agent in this approach will be able to show a home while the seller would be able to save the expense of the listed agent commissions.

Step-By-Step Process:

Step-By-Step Process

When individuals understand that saving even a mere 3 percent from in the sales commission is worth it, they won’t be bothered by increased time and effort invested. Below is a process that explains situations like paying a flat fee to list a home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), determining a sales price, marketing a home and dealing with paperwork and contracts.

1) The Right Asking Price:

This step is all about market research. When the house is ready and there is potential in the buying market, then there comes a time when we need to determine the asking price. The rule is simple; gather plentiful information from the market concerning the price.

Keeping track of the houses in the neighborhood and checking what the selling prices generally is a simple and easy way to complete this step. Furthermore, surfing the net and then driving by those houses is also a great way of understanding their appeal.

All in all, the seller needs to research, set a target price and then mark the price one notch up for negotiation.

2) Put Up A “For Sale” Sign:

The important thing here is that the customer must recognize your house is for sale. You never know when a potential customer is passing buy. Therefore, it is near to necessary to put up a ‘for-sale’ sign.
Along with that, communicating the asking price to the neighbors is also a good thing. As for the signs, putting up words like “buyers’ agents welcome” or “will work with buyers’ agents” manages to convey a rather positive approach of you and your willingness un paying the buyers’ agent commission.

3) Make A Flyer About Your House:

Flyers in such situations may use pictures, phone number and words that communicate your willingness to deal with the buyers’ commission agent are important.

4)  Put Your Home On Real Estate Websites:

In this step, the seller needs to take a lot of pictures of his home that depicts the positives. Read the full story

Significance Of Hiring An Attorney For Buying a Home

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If you hire the services of an attorney regarding your real estate transactions, your cost increases to thousands of dollars. But it is very worthwhile to do so. Some individuals have the ability to deal face to face with the other party and all the necessary things are properly considered in a contract in order to make it legally binding. An attorney not only deals the contract on your behalf, but also makes sure that the whole contract is in accordance with all the state laws and also manages all the other particular issues that might have some influence on the future use of the property.

Search of Title:

Search of Title

The other most important service performed by the attorneys is the title search. The main purpose of title search is to make sure that the title is free from any burden such as lien or judgments. The result of a title search is significant as it discloses whether the seller is legally entitled to sell the property or not. An attorney can complete this process of title search within a short time and a less cost is involved as the attorney has a good working relation with the title search companies.

Suppose after a title search it is found out that the seller has no right to sell the property due to some lien on the property and outstanding court judgment. Under such circumstances, the attorney gives suggestion to the seller that he must make the deal sweeter by allowing a decrease in price. He also guides him about the various ways from which he can have the necessary finance in order to settle these claims. They can also obtain proofs regarding the settlement of those claims.

Acting On Behalf Of Trusts, Corporations, and Partnerships:

When one of the parties to the contract is trusts, corporations or partnerships, the making of the contract and the resultant negotiations are complicated. An attorney has knowledge about these kinds of agreements and their boundaries within your state’s law. Read the full story

Seller-Financed Real Estate Deals

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Being a buyer, you will find it difficult to get a mortgage when you find that you will run out of your budget if you make that deal, especially when you are on a job and have a stable carrier. And being a seller you can find difficulty when the buyer wants to buy your home, and he also agrees on the deal that you have put in front of him, but he is having trouble regarding the approval of loan from the bank or any other company that he approaches.

Don’t you think that it will be great if you throw the third party out so that you can make your deal? This can be done by an option which is called Seller Financing.

Seller Financing:

Seller-Financed Real Estate Deals


First of all, the question arises that what is seller financing? It is similar to take a loan from a bank but with your conditions and terms. In this the seller and buyer make a contract in which the buyer has to pay the down payment (that is settled between the buyer and the seller) and then the buyer has to pay the monthly mortgage payments (that is also settled between them) and also the interest to the seller who has been set. The seller can as well put a redeem for breaking any rule by the buyer. The seller can in addition sell his contract to another person than the buyer has to pay his payments to that person.

These types of contracts are for a short time period like for five years so that the buyer can pay the loan with interest and if the buyer is showing carelessness then it can be a law breaking situation.

Seller financing is common in those markets which have these two situations.

  • When someone is having a financial crisis, and he wants to sell his home than the seller goes for options like seller financing.
  • Where mortgages are easy to get but unluckily buyer is not able to get any and then seller doubts on the buyer, that how he is going to pay for the deal OR where loans are difficult to get and the buyer is agreed on the deal but having difficulty regarding finance.

Seller Financing Is Not So Common:

Sellers most probably have issues that they want to make a full transaction rather than completing in a time period so that they can buy another home.

However, Robin Daniels, a real estate investor and landlord in central Florida, says ‘that seller has the right that they can sell their contract to anyone even on the day of their contract, so there is no need for sellers to wait if they want to make another deal with someone else for their next home’.

Another reason of seller financing not so common is that people are unaware of this as Don Tepper of Solutions 3D LLC says, ‘that there are dozens of ways to make a deal happen but the real estate agents, buyers and the sellers are unaware of their actual usage’.

Why A Seller Should Offer Financing?

Seller Financing

There can be many reasons for that a seller should offer financing like the seller wants to minimize the carrying costs so that whenever he finds the buyer whom he was looking for, he can make the deal then.

  • Or so that he can pay down the debt on him.
  • Or to run away from the monthly expensive of that house like billing, taxes and, etc. Read the full story

What is Home Mortgage Interest Deductions?

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The main benefit of mortgage finance, at very first instance is the tax benefit which you can draw by deducting the amount of interest being an admissible deduction. The interest may be on the finance you acquired to buy your home, the successive mortgage or the home equity finance. The following criteria must be fulfilled to avail tax benefit:

  • There is solid collateral against the mortgage debt normally the home you purchase against the mortgage finance.
  • You acquired the finance being an eligible fiancée.
  • The association of between the lender and the debtor exists.

Admissible Tax Deductions for Mortgage Debt

Tax Deductions for Mortgage Debt

All the mortgage interest charges are deductible commonly but the amount of deduction depends on three factors namely the date of mortgage, the total amount of mortgage and the way the mortgage amount is utilized. If the mortgage falls in any of the given below groups, the whole interest amount is tax deductible:

  1. The date of mortgage is 13 October 1987 or earlier than this date. The complete interest cost on such mortgages is deductible.
  2. The mortgage was acquired after 13 October 1987 to buy, build or renovate the home (refer to acquisition debt by the IRS) and in entire year 2010 the mortgage amount and grandfathered debt amounted not more than $ 1,000,000 ( the limit is reduced to $ 500,000 or less if you are married and filing separate)
  3. The mortgage was acquired after 13 October 1987 and not to purchase, construct or renovate the home (refer to home equity loans) and in the entire year 2010 the debt amounted not more than $ 100,000 (the limit is not more than $ 50,000 if married and filing separate) and the total is less than fair market value (FMV) minus the amount calculated in above points 1 & 2.

The entire amount of mortgage interest is deductible if the aggregate mortgage amount for major and the next home remains within the limits defined above in points 2 & 3.

Admissible Tax Deductions for Home Equity Loans

The home equity is calculated by deducting mortgage amount from the fair market value (FMV) of home. The owners tend to use the equity to settle higher interest loans like automobile loans and personal or credit card loans. The practice benefits the owners with respect to tax deductions. The interest paid on mortgage is tax deductible while the interest paid on credit cards, personal loans or automobile loans are not deductible.

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Advantage And Disadvantage Of Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loans

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Many people take out debt consolidation and mortgage loan refinance at one time to help their financial crisis get on right track such as to reduce loan repayments, to get rid of calls from creditor for the loan repayment. By putting their asset as collateral they can make their credit card loans and medical bills affordable. This is indeed as a better option than to take help from unsecured debt consolidation loan.

Benefits of debt consolidation loan


These two loans work wonders when worked together. There are many advantages of these two loans. With these loans borrowers can merge all their unpaid medical bills, credit card loans, repossession deficiencies, unsecured loans, auto loans and student loans in one loan. They don’t have to pay off many loan payments to different lenders. All they have to do is to make a one payment for a new loan that contains all previous unpaid loans and bills. Another benefit is that the borrowers can have their loan term extended and in this way they can make their loans more affordable.

Unsecured and secured loan

Deb consolidation loans are really helpful for financially troubled people, as these loans can convert unsecured loans into secured loans. The only requirement from a borrower is to ensure on time repayments. However, is borrower becomes default on the loan contract then the lender holds the right to put borrower’s property on foreclosure.

Fixed loan term

With debt consolidation and mortgage loan refinance, borrowers have the benefit of having a fixed loan term and a specified loan repayment debt.

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Scam Credit Repair Companies

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There are a number of credit repair companies, which are working to help financially troubled customers.  But all of these companies are not reliable and if you are looking for a credit repair company then you have to be careful and select one for you wisely. Scammers can dodge you anytime. Here are a number of scams which you should be wary of; some of these scams are as follows.

credit repair scam

What scam credit repair companies actually do?

Scam credit repair companies steal the contact details of a customer. They lie to their customers and tell them that they can start a new credit report and their old bad debts would not appear on the new one. When the customer decided to work with them,. These scammers do the following things.

  • They use their original names because a lot of people have the same name.
  • They get a new telephone number or a new cell phone service.
  • They change their address by using any mail forwarding service or using friend’s address.
  • They get a new scam number in order to replace your Social Security Number. These scammers give you an EIN (Employer Identification Number) which is assigned to small business to apply for a Federal Tax Identification Number. This number consists of nine digits similar to that of the Social Security Number.  They will tell you that all your previous debts are cleared and now you can take a new start with new credit report. Read the full story

Mortgage Rates: 30 Year Mortgage Rates Decline to 4.82%

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According to the latest Mortgage Application Survey released by the Mortgage Bankers Association, the 30 year mortgage rates have fallen down to 4.82%. This can be considered a slim decline from the last week’s average 30 year contract mortgage rate of 4.83 percent.

mortgage lending

For the week ending November 20, 2009, the average mortgage discount points raised from 1.18 points to 1.19 points. By buying mortgage points, a borrower can receive a lower mortgage rate.

However, the 15 year mortgage rates have not changed at all this week, as compared to the last week. The recent average contract loan rate for a 15 year mortgage is said to be steady at 4.32%. The average discount points have been raised to 1.05 points from 1.01 points.

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