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A Brief Guide to Reverse Mortgage Counseling โ€“ Part-2

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What do I need to bring to my counseling session?

It was said by Hunt who is housing counseling program manager at Consumer Credit Counseling Services that it is a good idea, before your session is scheduled, to make some notes about how much income you get in a month and how much money you spend, that includes housing, utilities, food, transportation and medical expenses. She further said that there is no need to provide your actual pay stubs or bills.

Mortgage Houses

It was also said by her that you may also want to know if there are any liens on your house. She also suggests that In addition to this, although an official appraisal is not needed by you, you may require calling a real estate agent who does business in your area, or you can also visit Zillow.com to get an estimate on how much your home is worth.

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