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10 Tips to Increase Your Home Value

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Searching for the ways to revamp your residence without putting yourself in the poor house? We have 10 excellent tactics for that purpose. The choice is yours; whether you would like to put up your dwelling for sale or for your personal gratification; you would like to make it well groomed at a lower cost.

The real price and the remuneration depend upon your house’s order as well as the real estate market conditions in your area

Enhance The Value Of Your Home

The below mentioned10 easy and low cost approaches will surely amplify your home value in money terms:

  1. Change or beautify your entrance
  2. Make addition of a room within the shortest possible time (7 to 14 days)
  3. Revamp your kitchen
  4. Make your bathroom sparkle
  5. Change the look of your devices
  6. Increase your storage area
  7. Fix your electrical and sanitary jobs
  8. Work on carpeting details
  9. Change the lightings.
  10. Beautify your home with landscaping

Change or beautify your entrance

If the handle of main entrance door of your home is shabby, then replace it with a sizeable handle and locks.  A nice and a significant bolt on the front door indicate to the visitors that it is a concrete dwelling.

A Florida realtor Nicole Persely advises to paint or faux finish the central steel front door. It is very eye catching. She states that it is the current tendency in Florida to add wood-grain doors to the main entrance of home or garage. According to her, it is easy to coat the existing metal doors with stain and paint.

Persley gave the door a base coat of paint after using a good basic coverage of metal. She used the Claret paint as base for a cherry wood look. Once it was dried, she brushed over the base coat with a cherry wood stain. She was very happy with the incredible result and the best part is that she had to spend only few hours.

Make Addition of A Room Within The Shortest Possible Time (7 to 14 days)

The realtor Persely says that if you own a three bedroom house with a warren, then the only reason this den cannot be regarded as a bedroom is that it doesn’t have a cabinet. On the contrary, if you make an addition of closet to that room, your home will be considered as having four bed rooms.

The cost of adding a traditional closet system and drywall is even less than $1500.

Revamp your kitchen

A kitchen is regarded as the main spirit of a home.  The prospective customers very carefully examine this part of the home when they go to purchase a home for the first time. You therefore have to take special care that your kitchen should be sparkling and perked up.

Just by spending few hundred dollars, your kitchen valve set can be substituted with new cabinet door handles and overhaul old lighting fixtures with the proficient energy savers.

If you have somewhat more finances, then you can nicely alter the cabinets. In fact you can change it with a bit expensive, but new cabinet system. For that purpose, you can also hire the service of refacing company.

Many of such companies can do away with the closet doors and drawers, refinish the cabinet boxes, and add brand new doors and drawers. Another possibility is to brightly paint the whole set, which make your cabinets look like new.

A smart and practical guy like you may also order your cabinet replacement doors and related front accessories from the vendors like ‘Lowe’s Home Improvement ‘or ‘The Home Depot’. You can fix it yourself.

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