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Debit Cards Quickly Becoming the Plastic of Choice for Americans

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It has been reported by Visa Inc that consumers are spending more money on debit cards than with credit cards now. It was reported by Visa that in 2008, consumers spent $206 billion on Visa debit cards. This figure is slightly higher than the $203 billion which has been spent using Visa credit cards by the consumers during the same year. In the past, consumers were spending more on credit card than debit card and the flip flopping of preference is attributed to the recession.

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Nowadays consumers have started focusing more on ways to reduce their debt and they are trying to avoid any such things that become the reason of creating more debt for them, and so they have turned towards the use of debit cards to purchase anything they need as the debit cards gives them the ability by which they can avoid more debt accumulation. Now all the debit cards can be used by the consumers at every place where credit cards are accepted, it makes sense that American’s would start making the switch.

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