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Real estate: Momentum toppled by a drop in August home sales

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Just when we have started thinking that we might be building some momentum we got slammed with a lousy August having a local home sales down to 13.2 % from last year.

Even more discouraging thing is to know that there is a decline in sales from July to August which in normally conditions is in the 10 percent range. This year we have found it to be 26 %.


Above that we also had a record drop in the average selling price, which has been lowered down 10% in August as compared to last year.

Real estate sales and Prices

When in most areas across the country real estate sales and prices were going really bad, we were in pretty good shape having a drop in sales but with a very modest price decline.

Now when we have witnessed that there are signs that the national market has reached the bottom and there is a recovery going on, local sales and pricing go into the tank.

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