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Mortgage Broker

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A Mortgage Broker is a person who helps consumers or businesses to sell their mortgage products acting as a middle –man. In beginning, Lenders sold their properties in open market with great difficulties but after some time, The role of Mortgage Broker was introduced. and it became popular as the need arose.


The Mortgage Broker simplify the problems in selling the mortgage products for lenders. Another task is done by the Mortgage Broker is to make compliance with mortgage laws and regulations.

Jobs of Mortgage Broker

A Mortgage Broker has different jobs to do which changes with rules & regulations of the state. Broker gives advice to the borrowers when contacted. and Broker is legally liable if advice goes wrong. Fees will be charged.

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American Homeowner Preservation Incorporation

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This is the organization facilitating the Home-owners in United States Of America in Mortgaging their property. It initially formed as Non-profit organization in 2007 and worked with tremendous efforts. Ohio , a state of America, had a great Real State Business. So office of the organization was opened in Cincinnati. consumerscrewed_1

Soon it got the exemption of tax under 501(c)(3). Soon After this  Summit County Port Authority helped AHP (American Homeowner Preservation). Authority  issue tax-exempt bonds for the AHP. but afterwards some other concern authority protest against this resolution of tax-exempt bonds. and in February 09, the resolution dissolved. and  American Homeowner Preservation becomes for-profit organization in July.

Overview of American Homeowner Preservation :

Starting and Financing Problems:

AHP formed in 2007 by Emily Gomez who was facing serious financial crisis at that time. nobody as such helped her. This situation brought the Idea of AHP in her mind. at start there are difficulties in funding of AHP. Then Summit County`s resolution helped them in form of tax-exempt bonds. it helped her greatly but due to some reasons with Summit Authority, this Bond resolution was rescinded. Then AHP becomes a for-profit organization. and now Instead of using bond funding to purchase homeowners homes, the program now matches investors to purchase the homes on short sale.

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