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Match Your Card and Lifestyle: Beware the Scams

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People who are having bad credit can be trapped by the shady credit card deals.

Some of them are downright dishonest, and such products are being offered by some of them that really don’t stand up when you put a spotlight on them.

credit card fraud

And if you have decided to sign up, than you should make sure that the company offering the deal is the right one i.e., have they come directly from the card issuer? And if they don’t, then you should immediately contact the card company to ensure that the cards are authorized.

Offers of “Debt suspension”

How does it works:

This can be offered by the Banks without having to use insurance companies. It is commonly offered with your card as an extra, and generally it is sold as a way to keep your head above water if you would be unable to make monthly payments due to a job loss or disability.

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